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Disappointed that the religion is not called, "Fist of Life".
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Originally Posted by FistofLife View Post
Thanks for your response. Can I ask what do you base your morals on? Where do they come from? and are you satisfied with where they have led you?

I believe that everything a person does reflects what he/she was taught as a kid. The parents should teach their children about the right values they should possess as a human being.
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how the fuck quantum mechanics work

2 know is my desire

2bad being a physics major is dumb and i have 2 settle for a minor
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this is more of a lifestyle choice than a religion.

religions were created to unify people so that they can develop faster; heres an example:

a king in egypt wants to build a dam so that the township can thrive by having more water for crops and for the people, he tells the community that they need to work together to build a dam for the sun god Ra. They follow and do this “for Ra”, the dam is built and they receive better crops and an inproved way of life. They believe that life is getting better because they constructed this dam for Ra, when they just built it for themselves under a ruse from thejr king.

Religion is a society where the highest power is the person leading the religion, they make up a higher being that “instructs them” to do something when its just the leader trying to develop his land or whatever.

This “religion” you have made is simply a way of life, and i support what you are doing. Not gonna join but good on you
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i'd like to read your bibble but no way i'm downloading that pdf friend.
can someone hook me up.
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Thank you everyone for the honest input and opinions on the book so far. I have reflected and decided that this book really is a 'way of life' through a philosophical look. The book has been retitled to reflect this.

I would still like to ask the question about desire. What is it in life that you would do if money was not a barrier? Would pursuing your desire cause conflicts in other areas, e.g. Moral or Relationship conflicts?

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If I was not bound by money, I'd probably get myself situated with a house, and food and things.
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Yeah I agree, this is definitely not a religion. It's a way of life.

That's sort of a hard question to answer. Seeing to it I have a form of chronic OCD and often causes me lack of sleep due to "nightmares". These nightmares pose from real life circumstances that I relive almost every night; I can't remember the last time I had a "dream". Any mistake, any tragedy, any form of hurt and sorrow I feel or experience will be relived in these nightmares.

I suppose one desire of mine is to no longer suffer from this, as it consistently affects my daily life.
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I also dont think this is considered a religion.
And for your question about desire
Absolute freedom
Improvement in general
Abilities of a god

That about covers it, as unrealistic and unrelated they are.
Hope itll be of some use. And good luck with your book.
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