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Originally Posted by TalyorG View Post
I think Sourge is totaly true, By the way we have here a Little comunoty of people who insult everyone, in groups, harrass people, try to hack accounts, admins accounts too and never have problems and I don't speak about the ddos... the people do that just for win, this game will die by this own players...

this game will die anyway even if everyone here was sucking each others cocks
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The only people who can controll how the community is are those in charge. Whoevers back they hold will stay in the community.
Assuming all that matters is the number of players in the community, not how toxic or respectful they are. Because numbers bring money not respect.
Then the admins need to find out what type of people play the game.
If you want the community to lose the least amount of players, then you look at who make more of the community, is it toxic or respectful people?
But if you want the community to grow then you look at how the new players are. If there are more toxic beginners then you should back up toxic people to grow the community
But if the beginners are mostly respectful people then you need to take out the toxic people to grow the community.
You can't fight change. You can't fight nature.
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my 2 cents
I've been on and off from Toribash since 2008-09 I think, logged in 2011, really got in to it a bit over a year ago, which is the same time I seem to have attracted the interest of a group or an individual, who have/has harassed me ever since. More than 365 days has this joke gone on for, so I question the mental sanity and social life of said perpetrators.

As they have crossed a line in to my personal life, the stakes have been raised from being a toxic douche to conducting criminal behavior.

Surely this is not supported by the community ?

They have gone through my personal files on my computer and hound me every time I log in. This is in no way "normal" banter, or exchange of dirty words, and is the result of me responding in kind to someone toxic, on a bad day, in a bad mood, yes, I was baited in to a troll pit.

I've learned no lesson, I feel like not playing the game, but I'm also bored to tears if I don't and the only thing dragging me back is a handful of absolutely astonishing players who remain tough, fair and respectful.

I like this game, and I like most of the people playing it, but the paranoia created by a handful of reprobates does not encourage me to support the community or get to know new people at all.

Nor does it give much hope for a better tomorrow in general, seeing how people are when they think there are no consequences.

Most players in this game recognize the difficulty of performing even the simplest moves, let alone actually managing an actual fight and respect others for even playing.

But the "other" kind would rather proudly spam moves they don't understand, be hostile towards anyone who would prefer diversity and are generally no fun to be around or play against - these same people seem to group together, hack accounts and harass people on a daily basis.

So the question - to me - is not "what can we do about it?" it has rather become "are you willing to share this space with human garbage?"

And yes, yes I am, I can't stop adolescent people who are in desperate need of female or male contact from pouring their frustration out in to the void of anonymity.

But if you can call me a cocksucker and I have to live with the disrespect, but calling you a turd-gobbler in return results in harassment, breach of privacy and all around degenerate behavior that lasts over a year, I'd say the odds are stacked against this ever being a balanced, welcoming and friendly community or a notable success as a game (one that would actually net adequate income and more so, to those who work on it).

You can't stop the scum of the earth from shaming themselves,

there's just no way to do it, it is not within their capacity to grow as people, which is why they act like unsupervised children- which they are, in a practical sense anyway.

So, to answer a question posed - stick with the people who actually give a damn and let the rest get in to whatever is popular after Fortnite, they've not built a lasting bond with anyone here anyway, and if they have they will regret that they did and end up on "this" side of the fence when they end up being the target of "trolling".

To any of the culprits or other guilty parties -

I have a list of names and plenty more, and I won't be naming any because my balls are bigger than yours, and I'm better than you in this game in every way, also as a person, a lover, a fighter, a poet, you name it, I got you beat -

I am Kanye West on crack, I am Vader in a AT-AT surfing a Star Destroyer, Odin with both eyes still in their sockets, I eat infinity stones for breakfast.

You can have my voodoo, I will share it gladly, you can have it all.

And you should not be so homophobic either, considering you've devoted yourself to mastering brightly colored male figures clutching each other in naughty places and clicking glutes all day.

In my experience, the most homophobic people are closeted homosexuals anyway and afraid of their true calling,

and if you felt that pang in your gut you might be into dick, go find out!

I know you're coming after me because you got little more substance in your life, even fewer friends you can trust and really really really want to suck some cock but are afraid that your homies would not like that, and this is so not worth making my life miserable by painting a target on myself, but hey, what's new eh ?

I know who I am and it's painfully obvious who and what you are, according to the rules we're both welcome here, and like all cowards you just can't handle not being hot shit or having other friends besides your mom, it's your own damn fault too so stop crying, you little bitch.

Karma loves you, babe, come get some,

I have plenty, and since I'm such a nice guy I'm willing to share.

- just my opinion, don't be so sensitive -
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- the anisocial mind dont eradicate
- the anisocial mind dont elisticate
-jthe anisocial mind the toribash
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I fully can understand why you opened up this thread my friend
it may sound a little overdosed when you read the title, but I experienced how ruff the stuff can be.

In my case, maybe I got banned so often because I really did break some important rules(yeah I did), but after some small statements by myself which appeared to be direct but not offensive, I really was not sure why I was banned again and again.

Lets state this fact: people want clear, understandable and information containing conversation in the forum threads, but also they need room for some joking stuff that may be not common in any sense or even a blopper sideways to make somebody laugh.

I would like everybody to respect the forum rules, and I want the rules to be added with some exceptions for the troll that lurks in everybody of you and me. thank you.
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