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Armless and Handless
Hold all
Raise both shoulders
Contract both elbows
Extend both wrists
Set your hands to grab
[2x space]
Contract both wrists
[1x space]
Extend both elbows
[1x space]
Contract both wrists
[1x space]
Set your hands to release
Extend both wrists

You will rip off your arms and cut off your head with them. :>

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Re: Armless and Handless
ive got a pretty cool move here for rips your opponent in half
hold all
extend sholders up, extend ankels to jump, extend legs, rotate hips outwords space 3 times, then contract knees and space till your opponent is in half
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Re: Armless and Handless
Self arm rip and decap. Frickin' brilliant. I love how the head seems to stay in place for a second, sending ribbons of blood everywhere.
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