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laptop harddrive crashes.
so i haven't been using my laptop lately. if anyone who read my past threads about the laptop reads this, yeah, it's the same one. we fixed the fan by buying a new case for it. graphics card is still barely keeping up. still getting my wifi messed up at times, whilst it works on other devices. harddrive still keeps fucking up.

and for those who haven't read it, hi hello, i own a laptop with alot of struggles. however, only one of these problems is mildly worrying, and that is the fact that my harddrive sometimes crashes, but comes back to life after a bit. i made a thread when i had a previous harddrive crash. sorry for not responding to your post, skulfuk. it was indeed a harddrive crash and i had to take it back to the shop. i mean the laptop has been in like three or four times before it lost it's warranty. it's hilarious. anyways, had my harddrives replaced and got it back. things were still messed up with it, but i could work with it. then i put an ssd into my main tower, and i practically stopped using the laptop, except on occasions when i couldn't get to my main.
so. the "new" harddrive crashes now and then when i do use the laptop, which is pretty bad, because i'll be using it quite a few weeks over the winter. i mean yeah i could just buy a new laptop. i have the money, but how fun is it to spend money on something when you don't have a job, and you're trying to buy yourself a car. as well if the problem actually can be solved. that's why i'm making this thread.

the laptop is a msi ge70 0nc. that's two sata disks on 7200/5400 rpm according to msi's website, one being 750gb and one 500gb. (i had just below 1tb, but w/e.)
it's also the second disk which keeps crashing. the disk windows isn't on.
i don't really know if you need much more specs, but you can find them here anyways.

so yeah. is there a fix, or should i just not worry at all, since it has came back to life atleast twice now already?

sorry for pharagraphs, and thank you.
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