Toribash World Championship 2019
i'm biased towards sharko so i wouldn't let it go for cheap

110 for all 3
<[MAD]hampa> henlo
<[MAD]hampa> hello u stinky wounder
Basing the dark knight and Tyler112 set at 85$ combined I find it very hard to valuate a sharko head at 25$ alone

I could push to 95$

Which is tipping over 100$ On my end with the fee included so I likely won’t be going any higher than that
[21:55] Icky: How the fuck can i make witty lines about blossoms without going full weeb
Pheature set $55?
<tunadao> And if the potato get old it will be better,because noones can eat a old potato it turns into legendary potato
I offered $50 on Sharko, mind countering me please wounder?

I am willing to negotiate at a higher price range if need be.