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Originally Posted by Ele View Post
Stay quiet and wait until you're old to leave. There's no reason to raise a stink right now and possibly suffer bad consequences.

Stay silent until you're out from their control. Tell the imam you were mistaken, but understand now.

well, the imam conversation/debate was supposed to happen yesterday but it didn't, no one called me as they promised so we got that out of the way.
and i don't naturally think about calling people out on their beliefs unless they try to force them into me, which is basicly an everyday thing.

Originally Posted by Bodhisattva View Post
That isn't going to happen.

Everything, every smart point, every debate-able topic, every absolute absurdity you point out to someone who is older than you and is STILL deeply religious - has already been said to them before. You're not convincing them of anything new. It's not like they woke up one day with some notion to follow the words of their holy book for fun and never questioned it and they're just waiting for a young educated person to show them the way to live. They've heard the counterarguments, they've heard the non-believers, and they still believe what they believe. So what you're trying to do won't work.

It can however piss them off. And if they are in a position of power over you, it's best to not consistently piss them off. Usually, talking about people's religion, especially in a questioning manner, is a good way to get heated fast. You do not want that.

I'm glad you've found your own personal truth and feel it's going to withstand the scrutiny of others. But it's wise for you at this stage of the game to keep it mostly to yourself until you're in the position to be safe from them and their influence.

well tbh, i kinda understand how they feel, i myself used to be a relatively religious person at some point and it took me quite some time to accept the results of my researches but i don't judge people based on their beliefs nor i ever thought of invading people's personal lifes and possibly try to ruin them,
like, the way they started to talk and look at me is like i'm some inferior being.
Originally Posted by Sora View Post
Well.They say with enough faith you can worship a cockroach.Just imagine for example: everyone around you says that google is a famous lingerie brand and you thought the same.Then someone coming and saying that google is the biggest company in the world and they develop softwares.Of course there are nothing about google on the internet(In this example).
What would everyone do? I think you can imagine.
Since the majority laughing at this there are no way you will believe in these words from that guy right?
Just keep in your mind and never say it.I think this is popular rule about the religious things.

again, yes but you can't just threat someone that you'll ruin their lifes unless they believe the same thing as you.
they want to gain "hasanat" they say.

Originally Posted by xlr84life View Post
Well, as a muslim and knowing the unfortunate extremes that some people go to when a family members leave Islam, lie low, keep the peace, study hard, work your ass off and become independent enough for you leave.

fair enough.
the religion itself is not what is bothering me, its just the mentality.
Originally Posted by DuckButts View Post
guys not to be rude but there is jesus who is gods son then who is gods dad/


sorry didn't see this earlier but here is your answer:

anyway, imma close this thread because this got longer than i expected and i spit more personal thoughts than i thought i will. really helped me clear my mind tho, not gonna lie.
thanks for everyone who listened to my whining and sorry if i triggered any religous person in here.
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