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Old Jul 18, 2014   #11
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Whoa, gratz Odlov
Can you give an picture of textures you have made ?
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Old Jul 18, 2014   #12
nanaaaa nanananana na na
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hi oblav, i love you, come back to irc sometime :O


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Old Jul 19, 2014   #13
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Originally Posted by Samopal View Post
Glad to see you here old rusty wushuer :v)


Originally Posted by Skylarrr View Post
What is the best replay do you think you have done ever in toribash?
(you can't upload it due to the forum having problems, but, maybe upload it another time?)

Hmm, don't have one I can call the best.

Originally Posted by -Link View Post
Yo! If the counsil picked you, you're a legend.


A picture for you, sir?

Originally Posted by Dikarika View Post
Ohey its that guy I know.

Hey guy.

Hey yourself!

Originally Posted by Note View Post
Odlov I would give you a kidney for a texture set from you.

Maybe both.

Well I'm flattered. I'll definitely let you know when I need a kidney.

Originally Posted by detailed View Post
Hey odlov it's good to see you in-forum and welcome back to toribash and of course you deserve to be legend you our Russian name Wusher :)


Originally Posted by DrHax View Post
Most important question related to your name:

Which costume version of our favorite SC player (and your name derivative) do you like the most.

Additionally: What's your inspiration when you play? I know we say stay low, I know your big thing is moving deliberatively, but what all are you really doing in your head when deciding what you want to do.

Glad to have you back.

The third one.

As far as what's going through my head: probably the same thing that goes through other players' heads. Trying to hit the opponent while not getting hit myself.

Originally Posted by duck View Post
oh look, an SC player.
Voldo dabest.

Hi odlov, you, you wushuer.
How do you feel about mushu? Does it hurt you that they made a wushu-like mod and took out most fo the skill and added instagib?

Doesn't hurt me, though I'm not a fan of that mod and I suck at it...a lot. Lost like 10 mushu duels yesterday.

Originally Posted by Lazors View Post
What's your best advice to someone who's really bad at attacking in wushu?

Play more wushu!

Originally Posted by bintangfal View Post
Whoa, gratz Odlov
Can you give an picture of textures you have made ?

Thanks. I don't have any sets saved anymore, so no can do.

Originally Posted by ishi View Post
hi oblav, i love you, come back to irc sometime :O

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Old Jul 19, 2014   #14
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How's that sparrow doing?
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Old Jul 19, 2014   #15
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cool beans, play me at wushu sometime
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Old Jul 20, 2014   #16
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Did you save any wushu replays? I want to see how you attack, comeback, etc...
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Old Jul 21, 2014   #17
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odlov how2wushu bettour?
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Old Jul 21, 2014   #18
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Did you play the first SC? Soul Blade?

The game I grew up with :O
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Old Oct 27, 2014   #19
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Hey edlev, came by to say hi and stuff.

Also, thanks for posting this video ages ago ;o

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Old Dec 5, 2014   #20
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Congrats Odlov!

As long as I can remember I have my ass kicked in wushu everytime while I play with you. every.fucking.time
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