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Old Sep 14, 2018   #1
Yeller Belt
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Clan: Obey

Whats been good
Yo, stopping back in for a bit. Ive been through some shit the last few months. Hope I can get of the missing list.

Graduated Commercial Dive school
Got a dive job, underwater welding and salvage in missouri
met my gf
lost my dive job
found out she cant leave the state
decided hell with it imma giver her a shot
now we are over a year togther and im back in school for Cyber security and software engineering.

Hope you are all still bashing, i got a new alienware laptop, things beefed up so ive been playing loads of other games like roblox and transformice.

hmu if you guys still play!
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Old Sep 14, 2018   #2
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hi im itemp, That's great to hear about your achievements and sorry to hear the downfalls in the process but at least you picked yourself back up and are making big things in life and im happy for you and your gf may you both last for many more years!
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Old Sep 15, 2018   #3
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Clan: Obey

Yo bro welcome back, yea a few of us are on a bit here and there, if you have discord we are super active on there
I apologise for this post.
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Old Sep 15, 2018   #4
Fat Boy Gang #FBG
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hey nib welcome back qt
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Old Sep 16, 2018   #5
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Clan: Obey

Yeah man good shit, glad to see you coming back
PM me with any and all questions
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Old Sep 17, 2018   #6
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Clan: Obey

hi icon send me more pics of you and your mom so i can draw the icon fam again
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Old Sep 17, 2018   #7
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Clan: Liquor

Welcome back man. Sorry you lost the underwater diving job, that's some great money. Though look at the good side of it lol... you wont be risking your life each time you go work!
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Old Oct 2, 2018   #8
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Clan: Obey

throwback to 2016
Hey Hey, my name is Randall! I am 19 years old, born on November 27th, my GMT is -8 in Seattle, Washington. Lets get started! I play pretty much any mod, but I like to play QA, ABD, Lenshu, and some Mushu/Boxshu. I've been working on my parkour and tricking and single player replay making, but it is still a work in process.
To get started about me, I was born and raised in Anchorage, Alaska USA, attended a dorm school in water town, South Dakota, my sophomore year of high school I took a solo trip to Europe to explore and get some fun happening in my life. That summer I got my first tattoo on my left shoulder in memory of my dad. Got back to school my Jr. year and got into some trouble, you know, that rebellious side. Instead if going home for a holiday i decided to go to Hawaii, ended up zip lining and diving and spontaneously getting a tribal shark tattoo on my right forearm. finished that year of school, and had the typical easy Sr. year where I found my love for welding, I placed 5th in the Skills USA welding competition for art and sculptures.. Now I am training and schooling to be an underwater welder, internationally, at The Divers Institute. That's sums up my person and my Identity.
Even though I have some big dreams for myself I never fail to find time to play the game I love, and meet some new people. I play to have fun, and although it is annoying sometimes I defiantly do. Always looking for better more efficient ways to attack and counter. I struggle with somethings in multiplayer such as, I am not an amazing lift counter-er, but I am working on it, and just little things here and there. In single player, I just haven't had as much experience as I need to fully understand how to land and lead into what to do next, but like before, working on it every time i get on. I am still considered ''young'' or ''new'' in the mist of many people since my join date was only January of 2015, I still feel new at a lot of things when I have a 6 or 7+ year person beat me silly with ease but I never let it get me down. I honestly couldn't tell you what has attached me to this game, I just oddly like it a lot, and I'm not bad at it. In just under 2 years Ive almost made it to master belt, and i have advanced my skills quite a bit since my struggling start. My absolute favorite thing about Toribash that I am sure of, is, being able to dominate someone or completely out skill them, but then if they ask for help being willing to help them out and give them pointers, that's not much to some people but it makes me happy, since a good friend did that for me, and now i am here because of him.
I think that sums up Icon. Thanks for reading and hope to be apart of the family soon.
Skype: I will whisper it.
Buying TCs for good rates starting the 3rd of every month. Pm if interested.
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