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well, ive looked up and only found a REALLY old outdated thread about this awesome game. so i just decided to make a new one.

Osu! is a music based game which is FUCKING HARD to master.
i got it a while ago explained as "guitar hero, just with clicking."
well since u cant really explain the game as a whole i do it part for part.

the game got 4 game modes.
osu!, Catch the beat, taiko, osu!mania

the classic one is osu!, which is also probably the hardest.

Screenshot and video

you basically, just click those circles, hold a mousebutton at the "sliders" and spin your mous in a circle in a "spinner".. there are thousands of diffrent songs by users, all with a diffrent difficulty. so what u see there above. is hard to reach and needs tons of practice.
most people use mouse/tablet for this to control the cursor. ALL good players use the keyboard to click (more comfortable. i do too.)

second one is Taiko. which is from the difficulty a bit under classic. but still a bit easier (u dont need a mouse.)

Screenshot and Video

this is copied from a arcade game in asia. but made more difficulty.
u got 4 drums. 2 blue 2 red. u have to press the right button for the upcomming circle things. when a red comes u press red, for blue the blue one and so on.
u got 2 of every because at some point so much circles come that u have to tap with both cause u cant be fast enough with one.
personally, i dislike this one the most. but i still respect people which are good at this.

third one is catch the beat. which is absolutley diffrent from the things above.
also the easiest one of all modes.

Screenshot and Video

well, all u have to do is catching ALL the falling fruits. by simply walking left=right. then u got a double dash key, which is normally shift. if u press it down your guy walks at speed x2 which is in some cases needed to catch a fruit which falls on the other side of your screen.
i was at this mode even at some point one of the best 1000 players. but stopped playing this mode than.

also the last one, osu!mania which was about a half year ago added to this game. it is very similar to guitar hero.

Screenshot and Video

well, but one thing is diffrent to guitar hero.
u can totally decide with how much keys u can play from 4-7. as harder a song is as more keys u must use, if u use for a 7 key map only 4 u get less points. but to this ill come later.

with later, i mean now.
osu got a thing called "mods" for every game mode are several.
mods mean u make playing harder, such as the song is played with speed 2x.
now u probably think, "why would people do that?" beacuse u get more points than playing normally.
as example. when u play with speed x2 u get 1,12% more points. than playing normally. if u activate all mods u get to a total of 1,41% more points. (u cant play like this in really hard maps. cause it gets impossible.

seems like ive explained the game now.
but there is still 2 things missing.
Skinning and beatmapping.

skinning means u can create a skin, for your game. u can change the cursor, the look of the circles, the menu... EVERYTHING.. for people which like to make some art etc.

beatmapping, well. i never made this really since im not good at this.
u can pick ANY song u want, put it into the game. and make a playable song for everyone out of it.
all songs u play are made from players for players. but this is kinda complicated and needs a bit practice to be good at it, so i cant really explain much there. just telling its possible.

i think ive explained everything about this awesome game yo.
may i shall add a link to the website.
oh and i forgot. that game is FREE u can get a subscription, which is similar to toriprime, gives u some additional features, such as an ingame song downloader, an forum badge etc.

also one thing i have to show. hardest song in this game, played by the best player in this game (hes korean)

enjoy pukin on your table.

btw. does even anyone here play this game "activley"? im kinda good and keep practicing, actually im playing for gettin in the top 1000 german ranking.

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