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[AS] Event Team [ASET]

ASET (All Stars Event Team) is an event team hosted by [AS] members.
We host everything from Tourneys in-game, Bet Servers, Hot-seats to some big events on the Forums of Toribash. Everyone in the Toribash community can participate in every single one of the events hosted by ASET. We also accept donations which will be going towards future ASET events. and/or you can get the rank "ASET VIP" for a 10k donation to StarsBank. This rank will grant you access to a special chat room and have information about upcoming events and plans. ASSET only accepts applications from the members of [AS].
__________________________________________________ ___________
Applying for ASET:
To apply for a position in ASET, make sure you're an [AS] member, then send your application to one of the leaders of the clan.

Below are the following tasks performed by people who join the ASET team.

ASET Marketer- Making TC is important for ASET because we will be giving away a lot of TC. We will help you by giving you what you need to start marketing, and depending on how good of a job you do at raising the TC, we might give you more or give you other responsibilities. you can make TC in any way you can. marketing/bets/making and selling art/ or any other way you can think of.
note: Any TC sent from the bank to a marketeer will be TC that should be used in the purpose of gaining more TC for the bank.
If we decide to reward a marketeer, we will send the TC from a leaders account, not the bank.

ASET Logger- As a member with this rank, you need to be watching others actions like how much TC is taken out of the bank and how much is being made by each marketeer. to record the amount of work each member has done in a specific period of time. to help us decide who deserves a reward now and then, also to decide who shouldn't be in the team. this rank comes with great responsibilities. because we trust you, and we trust that you won't make any mistakes when logging actions.

ASET Artist- We are going to be creating a lot of events that need
Banners, and maybe some graphic or text design for event pages
quality is everything but dedication is a must.

ASET advisors- You will be among the few who are opped during an
event and can help us run an event. You will think about, share, and discuss ideas to help us create and design events for the public.

People who apply will be apart of the ASET team and get mandatory VIP access to all the channels.
__________________________________________________ ___________
Current members of ASET:
Mafia [Leader]
Mikes [Leader]
Dylan4000 [Logger]
Mani [Adviser] [Marketeer]
264Axel [Adviser] [Artist]
__________________________________________________ ___________

All important news, information, and currently active events will be announced on this same post at the bottom, and if you have subscribed to this thread then you will also be notified with a new post here telling you to read the OP.

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