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Banning Icky from Wibbles would be a crime against nature.
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Re: ToriUnderwater Mod
This looks like it wants to be a flame war.

So, err... don't make it one.

Or you will be a tad... sorry...
Yes, I recently closed some complaints about ESChristmas being a thing. If you really, really don't like Christmas, feel free to let me know, I'm open to discussing these events in the future. Just don't have a post in the last 3 days saying "Christmas is great and wonderful" and it's way easier to take your complaints seriously.
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Re: ToriUnderwater Mod
Originally Posted by Spamking
Hey! Don't accuse me of being that dumFux network bastard! I don't review things just to be cruel- I honestly consider them. This mod was not that great, so I gave it a 50%. At least I didn't just post "Phail" or something like that...

Ok sorry I just want you to consider if this is his first mod and how much time it took to make, a little "but its good for a first try" wouldnt hurt

Just advice.
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