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Finally you got your PS3, you fag.
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Gynx - Stev- - LBP.
collect snots from the nose
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Andrecova -|- Imperius911 -|- Metal Gear Online, GTA 4, Resistance 2, Unreal Tournament 3, and more to come.
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Masterj05h -|- Unholy_sight -|- Call of duty5, Gta4,The darkness,Battlefield bad company, Mercs2,Warhawk,Blazing angels 2, assasins creed,Star wars the force unleashed, Skate 2,Turok,Far cry 2,Fight night round 3,enemy territory quake wars.
Masterj05h Shop So cheap id have to be stupid to sell it like this... wait a seco-
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Frozenlava-|-Frozenlava12-|-LittleBigPlanet, UT3

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Qualitygamer: Warhawk, TF2, LittleBigPlanet, PAIN, Burnout Paradise.
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I'm buying a ps3 bundle (self-made) for about $1200 in the near future. I'll post my PSN when I do.
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mickeld-mickel12-gta iv,warhawk,skate,skate 2, uncharted:drakes fortune,resistance FOM,killzone 2,motorstorm and hopefully more
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I dont have a Ps3 , but my pal has, and im hanging around often with him

Nobuddie | Loewenzahn | Cod4, RE5, Fallout 3, Gta4, MGS4

Just write that your a pal of "Christian" from toribash ;p
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I now Have Legendary, which Is 2 player. So please add that to my file. :P
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