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Clan Wars Rules & Guidelines
Clan War Rules and Guidelines

These rules and guidelines are dedicated to Clan Wars in-game. Basic rules will be included which really need not be explained, but will be here for your convenience none the less. Anyone failing to follow these rules should be reported to a Clan Manager. Any clan who fails to follow these rules excessively may be put on a greylist, and be unable to participate in Clan Wars.

Who Owns The Server?
When both clans agree to start a Clan War, the server, and any other server this war takes place in will be mutual between the two clans until the conclusion of the war. No less than one member of each clan must be OP'd to assure that the server remains mutual. Once the war is complete, the server is returned to its original creators.

Who Should We OP?
If a Clan Leader is present, it is recommended that person is the one OP'd, as they are the ones responsible for the clan is such a situation. If a Clan Leader is not present, then it is recommended to choose the member who sent or is accepting the War Invite. The Clan War is not to be started until both participating clans have at least ONE OP.

How do I send/accept a War Invite?
Thankfully, sending/accepting an invite is extremely simple.
  • First, please ensure you have the proper permissions to accept/send War Invites. Some members cannot do that, and it is because your Clan Leader has not given you the permission to do so. For more information regarding this, please follow this link.
  • Next, click the "Clans" tab located between "Mods" and "Market" on the forum header. This will take you to your clan page. Once there, to your top left you will notice three options...Clan List, My Clan, Wars. Click on "Wars".
    If you are ACCEPTING
  • Search for the invite, it is usually found at the bottom of your Wars list. In the event of an anomaly, further searching throughout your list may be required. Search for a War that is "Pending". Once found, click on the invite, proceed down to "War Setup" and click "Accept War".
    If you are SENDING
  • Proceed down your Wars list until you reach "War Setup". Once there, go down the list of preferences. This should be discussed by both clans. After completing those, type in the opposing clans name or clan tag, then simply click "Declare War".
    Once Accepted...
    Once both the war is "Accepted", both clans must "Load Prizes" and "Accept Prizes". (A prize is not required, clicking "Accept Prizes" or "Offer Prize" with nothing in the box, will produce no prize)Once both clans have done this, ensure the War is "Active".
    Once Active...
    Once both clans have done this, ensure the War is "Active". Once it is, one member from each clan enter the dojo. If the score shows up on screen and/or in the chat, it's on!
    And if it doesn't...
    Someone from either clan simply DQ in the dojo, this usually jumpstarts a War. If for some reason all else fails, contact a Clan Manager (Orko, duck or Erth).

War Rules, and Etiquette
These rules are to be followed by anyone participating in a Clan War, failure to follow these simple rules can and will result in infractions and/or bans, if necessary.
  • Kicking/Banning
    OP's in a Clan War may not Kick/Ban any member of any participating clan from the server. If you have evidence of someone acting up during a Clan War, take screenshots, and send them to a Clan Manager via #support on IRC or PM. If someone continues to act up after warning them that you've report them to a Clan Manager, then you may mute them or ask the opposing clan's OP to mute them if the player acting up is from the other clan. Clan War servers are MUTUAL; going out of your way as an OP to kick/ban members of the Clan War can and will result in an infraction or ban.
  • Power Abuse
    Remember that the server is mutual during a clan war, and must be treated as such. Do not mute players unless under special circumstances stated above. If anyone is abusing their Operator powers in a Clan War, contact a Clan Manager. If you see your fellow clan members abusing OP powers, be the mature one and De-OP them.
  • De-OP'ing
    De-OP'ing members of the opposing clan is prohibited, and doing so in a Clan War may result in an infraction or ban. If an OP is causing trouble, please contact a Clan Manager.
  • Leaving Early
    It is recommended that each clan stay for the entire Clan War. If you have issues with your war, contact a Clan Manager. If you set your "Time Limit" longer then a day, please organize with the other clan before heading off. If another clan leaves for no apparent reason before finishing the war, look for more members of that clan in-game and ask them to help finish the war. If all else fails, contact a Clan Manager.
  • Pinging/Crashing
    Pinging/crashing should be met with good sportsmanship. If a member of your clan pings/crashes during his match after the first turnframe, please be a good sport and give the opposing team the point. Force-Pinging is against the rules, and can lead to an infraction and/or ban if abused.
  • Inviting during a war
    Inviting people to your clan during a clan war is illegal. However the ability to invite a new member during a war is disabled.

All in all, common sense goes a long way. All general forum rules also apply to Clan Wars.

Clan Wars are meant to be fun, and it's okay to joke around every once in a while, but make sure both clans are aware of the playful competitiveness, one clan may take it as flaming, while another may go along with it.

Have fun, and please behave.

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