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Clan Discussion Rules
Clan Discussion Rules:

  1. Respect people's authority when posting in their clan boards/threads. Any unwelcome invades, trolling, harassment or general aggravation caused as a result of you being inconsiderate or disrespectful will be punished.
  2. Regardless of the quality, posts are expected to at least provide some meaningful contribution. While moderation of useless posts in this board is much less strict than others, your thread is designed to be a discussion place for your clan. Using it for mindless spam is not allowed.
  3. Backseat moderation is not allowed, use the report button or contact a member of clan staff via pm or via #support chat.
  4. No threads are allowed here unless it's a clan DSC or recruitment thread. If you believe something should be touched upon here then feel free to contact the Clan Admin or a Clan Manager.
  5. No posting games are to be played in unofficial clan DSCs, these include but are not limited to: one word stories, changing a letter to make a different word, etc. Note: If you are an official clan and wish to play these games then realize they will not count towards activity checks.
  6. Abide by the general forum rules at all times, found here. Clan discussion is moderated in a more relaxed way to most of the forum - friendly use of otherwise banned language is acceptable so long as rule 1 is respected (and it doesn't get gratuitous).
  7. No meme/joke clan threads are allowed. We do not mind meme clans in general, but you are not to post you meme threads in Clan discussion. What qualifies as a meme clan thread is mostly up to moderator discretion, but in general, if your thread can be called a shitpost, you can expect it to be closed and for you to be punished


  1. When reporting a post please be clear about the situation. If it's an invade, try to ask the offender to stop before reporting. If the invades continue then report the post and provide a link to where you asked for them to stop, keep in mind that invades are allowed unless you specify otherwise.
  2. Any questions about any of the rules, guidelines or processes involved in clan making/maintaining may be answered in the "Clan Rules & Guidelines" thread here, if you still have problems then contact clan staff with your questions.

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