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Old Mar 19, 2018   #161
oh yeah
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I watched 3 films in the past 2 days

Tokyo Story, very nice, I think this movie will be very rewatchable for me. I enjoyed the contrast of indoors shots, landscape, indoors, etc., didn't drag on despite being long. 8/10

Pilgrimage (2017), I thought it was fun but it felt too short as if it was edited down, there's one character who I enjoyed a lot but the other ones are just kind of there to transpire a message or they're just really strange. 6/10

12 Years a slave, this one I probably enjoyed the least, even though I liked about 80% of the film, the pacing is just so weird, it almost ruined it completely for me. I would have never guessed 12 years if not for the title. Also the scene of him hanging from the tree that drags for like two minutes was a bit obnoxious for me, if it was 20 seconds I would have liked the scene a lot more. Brad Pitt's character was like he came out of a Disney flick. Good movie but these few things pissed me off 5/10
oh yeah
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Old Mar 19, 2018   #162
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Lets see..

The Titanic
To summarize, Jack saved Rose from committing suicide and shows her his drawings of a prostitute then they bang and Jack dies, My favorite character was the iceberg
Shrek 3

Just wonderful
(not shitposting I just like the movie, it makes me feel nostalgic)
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Old Mar 26, 2018   #163
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The Witch : A New England Folktale
10/10 this movie is a fucking masterpiece. In summary it’s about a family that get kicked out the city and one day this girl playes peak a boo with her brother and then the brother disappeares and weird shit starts to happen. Honestly it’s the best horror I have watched - no jumpscares - you are just scared all the time

The best shitiest film I have watched. In summary A possessed turkey terrorizes five college students during Thanksgiving break. It’s more of a comedy then a horror.
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Old May 8, 2018   #164
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Avengers: Infinity War (2018 )

It was good, but I think the ending was what made it feel really good..
way too much stuff crammed in it
i still loved it though 8/10
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Old May 9, 2018   #165
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Avengers: Infinity war

I loved it. I'm really anxious though because of the ending, but thats a good thing.

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Old Dec 21, 2018   #166
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Space is cool

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Old Dec 21, 2018   #167
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It's cool, it needed some more epic stuff but still being a nice movie.

No Game No Life Zero

I love it very much, it's a movie telling some part of the NGNL anime world, it made me cry in some point, one of the best anime movies i've seen honestly.
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Old Dec 21, 2018   #168
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Spiderman : Into the Spider Verse

that's a great movie even in the cartoon version tho
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Old Dec 21, 2018   #169
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Toc Toc

It's very funny, and i love comedy

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