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[Tribe] Lost City of Gold

The way the bank works is as follow:
All members can access the bank. If you pm me, you will get the password.
All members can both add and take tc from the bank.
There will be a maximum of 5k per "withdrawal", you may make 1 withdrawal a month, and it resets on the 1st of every month.
You may use this tc however you see fit - for betting, dueling etc etc and if it is 5k or less, are not obligated to pay it back.
If you make a profit using this tc, it'd be nice to add a little bit of the profits back to the bank, incase the next time you do it and make a loss.
You may take "loans" form the bank, which are different from withdrawals. You DO have to pay loans back, in full, but loans are not limited in amount.
You have 3 months to pay the loan back. If you take longer than that, the amount raises by 2% for every month after that.
Beyond a year, we reserve the right to push scam reports etc. unless a valid reason is provided, or other arrangement is made.
ANY transactions involving the bank MUST be posted about and logged.
If I see a single transaction in the history that isn't posted about, you will incur the full wrath of my admin abilities.

Bank log - 254,007

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