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Splinter Cell - Versus
Ah yes, good ol' spies versus mercenaries. I'm not sure how many of you remember this or have played it, but this is by far my favorite mode for any game. This type of dynamic is perfect for asymmetrical gameplay. Some might remember Blacklist's SvM, but I had never tried it. The servers were recently taken down by Ubisoft, so to be able to play you have to download Tunngle.

It's very simple to setup, and since the multiplayer game is basically abandoned it's very easy to find a standalone client that doesn't include the singeplayer or coop. This is everything you need:

Here's a video to wet your appetite and hopefully intrigue you enough to try it out.

Basically, spies' orientation is in third person which allows to look around corners with relative ease at the cost of having a light arsenal including a stun gun, various grenades that disorientate the mercenary, among other little gadgets and toes. The mercenaries on the other hand are locked and loaded with quite the arsenal. Both sides must be careful if they are to succeed, and it most definitely takes teamwork.

There's normal deathwatch, than there is a game mode that involves the spies hacking various terminals located throughout the map that are activated when attempted, while the mercenaries try and prevent the data being stolen.

Basically what I'm asking from people is to volunteer to participate in a group with me and Nightin. Back in the day, we used to play everyday and it was an absolute blast each time. If you are interested, my Skype name is jrm1217. Please don't hesitate. And if your friend request isn't accepted or message isn't replied to immediately, give me a few days please.

As of right now, the Tunngle servers are essentially empty. If we could accumulate enough people playing concurrently to rotate full teams each round I will be one happy boy. Thank you ladies and gentlemen, I hope this works.
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I remember playing the blacklist version of this and it was really fun but eventually just like the problem you're having the servers had no one in them.
btw do you have to buy the game off steam to use the tunngle servers?
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no you do not have to buy the game to play on tunngle servers. if we could get 3 to 4 people to participate it would be great
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