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Opener Challenge - SPACE EDITION

As you started the repairments on your space station, evil uke appears.
He wants to destroy it, you need to prevent that! Fight him for death in this hostile enviorment!

The thirteenth iteration of Event Squad's "Opener Challenge"
Have a try at the replay and show us what you can do!

-You can't edit the replay before frame 635
-You cannot plagiarize other's and take their work for your own.
-You may edit your submitted replay as much as you see fit before the deadline but please update your first post so as not to clog the thread.
-Any sort of Replay hacking is allowed after frame 635, except changing gravity.

Click me for the Replay
Click me for the Mod
Both are required.
(or download from the attachements.)

Unicorn + MrJingles + Rfifan

First place:

Full Pack +


+ Force/Relax

Second place:

Force/Relax +

28th April 2018

Art made by Destram
Replay provided by MrJingles
Attached Files
File Type: rpl Opener_Challenge_635.rpl (50.8 KB, 178 views)
File Type: tbm pfy_OC_spacestation.tbm (19.0 KB, 144 views)
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Here's an entry for now

I suggest /lp 0 Submerge since his set looks sick and you can see better

updated entry:
Attached Files
File Type: rpl 2001_A_Space_Opener.rpl (400.0 KB, 12 views)
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Opener_Challenge Submission :
I figured that this would be a pretty CoOl challenge to do, so here is my Replay : !Opener_Challenge Goku.rpl

Info : Well I'm not really expecting to win this, but here is my wacky replay. Would be best if you view it using the keyframes IF the keyframes work for you correctly, love ya and have a GRATE DAE .
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finally finished my entry for this! took way longer to dismember uke than i expected. guess this is what i get for never making ukebashes.
i skeeted this, please notice it
Attached Files
File Type: rpl [Event] Space is lonely.rpl (793.9 KB, 12 views)
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I made a new version
Attached Files
File Type: rpl Tabby - Space OC V2.rpl (325.2 KB, 13 views)
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I guess ill make some sort of replay.
someone should remind me to do it tho, as ill probably forget.
Love the new space thing tho.

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Zero gravity is a pain to work with
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File Type: rpl ~Spry - Outer Science.rpl (218.2 KB, 10 views)
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Attached Files
File Type: rpl Zach - Space OC.rpl (207.3 KB, 5 views)
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the title tell everything
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File Type: rpl worst shit ever.rpl (230.8 KB, 4 views)
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