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I dont think its possible to enforce rules like this.
But if we are talking about IF it was possible.
I would still disagree to video games age restriction by the law.

Because every parent wants their children to be a certain way.
We shouldn't try to make everyone similar.
If I had a child I personally wouldnt mind him playing any video game as long as he doesnt end up scared of his own shadow. And with 5 minutes of research I could find out if the game he is playing has that impact. And easily convince or force him to stop playing it.
And I wouldnt mind him seeing naked women in video games. I know this doesnt cause addiction. I've been playing games like gta sa and god of war and WWE which allows u to dress a half naked woman, since I was like 8, And I'm not addicted to pornography.
But some parents on the other hand would probably be real strict and not want their child to play any other games than super mario.
And regardless of law, a parent can choose what their child has access to anyways. So the whole idea of restriction by law is not a great one.
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I think that even if this law existed in the first place, enforcing it would likely be a difficult challenge. And also, I can't really imagine a paranoid 10 y/o walking down a dark alley to buy a copy of an 'illegal' game.

Personally, I believe that the parent is responsible for what they want their child to see or not see. Some parents are easily oblivious to what they are buying for their kids, some aren't. I guess the age of the parent might be a factor in certain circumstances, but I guess that's not really important.

I find it interesting that you mention that some people discovered Toribash at a young age. I'd find that to be obviously true considering when Toribash was in it's glory days and big YouTubers (especially Markiplier) were playing it. But the thing about Toribash is that the gore isn't really that violent in my opinion. Personally, I think it's cartoon violence, considering that seeing your characters arm getting ripped off or getting decapped isn't extremely violent when you see it in-game.

I guess what I'm saying is that it just boils down to the game. Fortnite also has this kind of cartoon violence vibe, as when you kill someone it's not technically gruesome in any way. I think the games that parents are more concerned about are games like GTA. Obviously some parents are pretty laid back about what their kids play and some are pretty strict.

I'm just going to conclude that this hypothetical law would be basically impossible to enforce, and the responsibility of what a child witnesses falls on the parent.
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