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Old Oct 1, 2018   #11
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oh thanks Alpha, I didn't know a lot of what you said. That clarify things a lot to me, thanks

but the atomic bombs subject is still considerable imo, some historians say that even when they sent an army to kill the japanese people in their own country even the kids and women would fight disarmed against the troops. I can take as truth that the first bomb had, indeed, this pretext, not that it was truly necessary; as a proof of this (to me, and only to me here) there is the Colombo Plan that would help Japan rebuilding themselves. Although they were kind of enslaved by the US after this Plan :T
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Well, none here's wrong, about the atomic bombs what i really wanted to say is that it was totally out of proportion, Japan was already fucked. Sadly.
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Old Oct 3, 2018   #13
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The Japanese propaganda machine had told the Japanese people that the Americans were "devils" and that they would rape and kill all women and children captured alive. The reason that the atomic bombs were dropped were largely because the loss of life due to an invasion would have been extremely high, as the Japanese were fighting to the last man for the most part, and civilians were also not surrendering in droves (see: Midway). On top of that, consider that just a year earlier the allied forces had learned what a large cost coastal invasions had, with the Normandy invasion, Operation Overlord. The bomb was used for threefold effect: Shock and awe as an attempt to force immediate surrender from Japan, a warning to the rest of the Axis forces that had not yet surrendered (small pockets of resistance), and as a power play to show that the US had amassed weapons beyond the capacity of the rest of the world. When Japan did not surrender immediately as a result of the first bomb, the second was dropped. It doesn't matter if Japan was fucked. What mattered was ending the war as fast as possible and restoring peace.

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the problem is that nukes effect does not end at the explotion, thats only a part of it,
alot of people would have to suffer from serious deadly deceases because of the radiations and even if they were lucky enough their children may not, they could be born in really wierd forms and have serious decieses whatsoever.
people are still dying because of this effect even today and those people are not counted in the number of casualities which can double or triple the number if they were to be counted.
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This is true, but at the time they wouldn't know the full effects of nuclear radiation, and what those effects would have on the coming generations. Most of this stuff was discovered far later, evidenced by the fact that early nuclear test sites we're not located at completely isolated areas, such as islands, but rather the middle of rural country, at least in the United States. People used to drive out to watch nuclear explosions from a distance. Many of these people later developed radiation sickness. I'm not trying to justify the use of nuclear weapons today, He's just saying that it's an understandable measure for them to have taken back then, in the context of what was going on.
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Reasons why not to attack North Korea
1) Much better defense methods than Hussein had.
2) China.
3) South Korea is basically being held hostage
4) Japan is also being held hostage
5) That would bring up a vietnam-tier combat once again, but even worse because of all these 4 points
6) Decades of constant brain-washing and poverty, the great majority of the North Korean would join the war just so that they feed their family plus to attack evil capitalist america
7) Bringing up combat with North Korea again would imply an economical crisis to unimaginable extents.
North Korea can much more easily nuke the US than Hussein could do.
9) The US can just do it in a much more pacific way (like they're doing now)
10) The US can't pay for the war like it could do with the oil last time.
11) The Korean War was enough
12) Vietnam was enough
13) The Cold War was enough
14) World War 2 was enough
15) Killing Kim isn't enough to stop the war, other people can and will take his charge if he dies.
16) Killing Kim is not worth it, and forcebly killing his regime isn't worth it either, the money destroyed in the war is not enough compared to the lives lost.
17) A shit ton of people will die, much more than usual, this would be caused due to extreme paranoia as to who is trating his country.
1 If we didn't do it with the USSR, we just won't do it on North Korea, it's basically the same thing now.

By the way, saying that Venezuela doesn't import things is just plain out shouting extremely loud that you really don't know what you're talking about.
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Old Oct 18, 2018   #17
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We don't care about reasons, we just blow shit up because we're good at it. Try stopping us if we tried. As i speak for most of Americans, we really don't give a shit about whats right or wrong either. shut up or get blown up.

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Originally Posted by DarkHorsePyro View Post
We don't care about reasons, we just blow shit up because we're good at it. Try stopping us if we tried. As i speak for most of Americans, we really don't give a shit about whats right or wrong either. shut up or get blown up.

I believe that to be the more radical of American's opinions. I very much so care about why we do what we do as do MOST of our politicians it seems. I don't believe we should be killing anyone or dropping any bombs without having at least a valid reason, like in WW2 with the Japanese. Doing things without reason is a quick way to ruination.
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Old Oct 18, 2018   #19
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Originally Posted by DarkHorsePyro View Post
We don't care about reasons, we just blow shit up because we're good at it. Try stopping us if we tried. As i speak for most of Americans, we really don't give a shit about whats right or wrong either. shut up or get blown up.

lol shut up

this will likely get me infracted for useless posting, but i want to argue that this dude's post is more of a shitpost than mine. absolutely terrible
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gj guys you killed the thread
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