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Toribash Season 3
Hi hello!
Season 3 of Toribash Ranking is here!

Season 3 Updates

New season comes with a bunch of updates!
Several days ago we've rolled out an update to the Ranking page on forum. You can now see complete ranking for previous seasons by selecting Season from the dropdown list on the right. In addition to that, you can also check specific player's ranking through all seasons by pressing the down arrow near their name!

Playing ranked can now help your clan at reaching top ranks.
For every fight you win while playing ranked, your clan will receive 5 experience points. Losing doesn't lower your clan's XP though, so the more you play, the higher your clan will eventually get!

Updated Ranking Tiers

Ranking tiers have also undergone some changes, with a whole new Diamond Tier for the best players.
Lower tiers are now also harder to achieve but the reward would be worth your efforts!

Season Rewards
(The neat part!)

    500K Toricredits, 25 Shiai Tokens + Diamond Tier item rewards

    350K Toricredits, 15 Shiai Tokens + Diamond Tier item rewards

    200K Toricredits, 10 Shiai Tokens + Diamond Tier item rewards

    Random Elite Tier joint colors (force + relax) + 50000 Toricredits + Full 3D Diamond Tori set

    Random Tier IX-X joint colors (force + relax) + 10000 Toricredits

    Random Tier VII-VIII joint colors (force + relax)

    Random Tier III joint colors (force + relax)

    Random Tier I joint color item

Toribash Ranking Info

What are ranking seasons?
Toribash Ranking is based on a seasonal system. Starting with 2018, there will be 3 seasons each year, each 3 months long, with a month's cooldown period in between seasons.
Best players of each year's seasons will then compete in Toribash World Championships for the title of a best player of the year.

How to play ranked?
To play ranked, you have to go to Matchmaking and choose the ranked option. Keep in mind that you also need to have at least 500 Qi (Brown Belt) to compete in ranking season.

Where can I see my current rank?
To see your (and other players') ranking statistics, go to ranking page on forum. You can also access it from the left menu in Torishop under "Toribash" section.

When does Season 3 end?
Season 3 ends on March 31st, 2018 at 21.00 PM GMT.
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Old Dec 27, 2017   #21
/jo heat
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What if i dont try in ranked but could MAYBE win the championship?
I’m not Senu
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Old Dec 27, 2017   #22
I'M #3 I'M #3 I'M #3
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hi, people keep coming into my ranked servers and scaring me.
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Originally Posted by Gentleman View Post
hi, people keep coming into my ranked servers and scaring me.

What the hell how does that even happen?
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Old Dec 27, 2017   #24
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they /sa and then they /jo usernamevsusername
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Originally Posted by sir View Post
No, it's same as with previous seasons. Only one account will receive a prize.

What if your sibling plays toribash? (Mybig bro does)
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Old Dec 27, 2017   #26
Originally Posted by ShadowMan76 View Post
What if your sibling plays toribash? (Mybig bro does)

Only one of you will initially get the reward, you can PM me after the season is over to receive the prize manually.
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Will this matchmake ever end?

no one knows
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Old Dec 27, 2017   #28
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i think the ranking page would be nicer if the W/L was as a percentage with red/green colouring for above and below 50%
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This ranking sucks, put the old ranks back, where you can just get ranks for playing.
Do you know how long it takes to get ranked now?
Took the fun out of the game.
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If you can get the rank you want, that means you dont deserve it
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