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yeah a lot of the time profs will low-key give out exam answers during lectures
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just be good to prof's. never try to provoke them, you don't wanna know what they can do to your mark.
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Ooooh boy. Get fucking keen my dude. I'll stick my tips to making the most of your uni/college time in terms of fun and memories since lots has been covered on study tips etc.

Source before I start: 4.5 years into uni with 1.5 to go. Absolutely the best years of my life.

Answering your two questions specifically first:
My experience at uni was fun....but you have to seek it out. It's not hard to make it great but it likely won't just happen.
My first year or two was boring af. I lived a decently far commute away and mostly just went in for my studies and then left.
Everything changed when I started getting involved in clubs and going to club events and parties. It didn't fall in my lap though, I had to consciously go and seek that stuff out but once I was there it was like a wheel rolling down hill gaining speed.

Living on or off campus: Don't have personal experience with this since my campus doesn't have live in accommodation. HOWEVER.
When I was living a commute away it was shit and I was less inclined to go in to campus and it definitely made it harder to get in to campus for events.
Now I have an apartment in the city near my campus and though it still hasn't inspired me to go to class anymore being close to the city center and campus has many many benefits in terms of commute time saved, easy location for predrinks, less events missed, more fun had, etc.

Now my top tips:
1. If your college has an orientation week or market week then go to that. Browse the club stalls and join up to a few that match your interests. There should be some there for whatever you're into from vidya, to martial arts, cars, running, or even volunteering or international. From these clubs, you make friends, and get to know other people in the clubs sphere (the more you go to the various events the more you realise it's just one big group of people across them all). Some of the events are parties where you can go and let loose and have fun and some will be interest specific so you can focus on your hobby and chat your passion with others of similar interest.

2. Uni/college bar. Go there. Go there lots. Get to know the bartenders. Get to know the regulars. Study there. Meet friends there. (Might not be applicable if in America because you have to be 21)

3. Sports.
Join up to one of the casual sports leagues your uni should be running. Join with a few friends, as part of a club team, or on your own. It's a great way to keep active, have fun, and meet and foster friendships.

4. Join a frat. I don't know much about this because I'm an Aussie but from everything I heard it's a great way to make great friends.

5. Bonus extra extension activity.
Once you've been involved in a club for a while try out for an executive position. Looks great on resumes, is tons of fun, and you get to practice leadership skills and plan parties and shit. Also applicable to sports teams/frats/college politics if that's your thing etc.

By the time you graduate you'll have heaps of interpersonal experience, real world applicable skills, loads of friends, and great memories.

(Impact on grades and financials with this lifestyle may vary)
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I've lived in both on campus and off campus and you want to live in a dorm your first year. It's a great way to make new friends. Off campus is for like junior senior year

dont turn in anything late most profs dont accept late
find a good study spot
dont get in a relationship because youll regret not going ham in college
dont really need to get into sports unless you want to do that just to fit in with people who like sports
start working out
dont trust hoes
i joined a frat and it was a good way to make friends but you also get comfortable and dont make many outside of the frat
get good grades you fucking idiot
aim for at least a 3.5 cumulative and you will be able to do anything (grad school, med school, law school good jobs etc.)
dont choose a major you like if theres no jobs in it (liberal arts, politics, etc.) this sounds mean but seriously youll just have a lot of debt and will be stuck doing something else that you couldve majored in. Ex. my best friend is an english major and no jobs in english so hes doing an unpaid internship in marketing (my major)
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I think you should find your own way of succeeding.

All of the people who have posted on this thread have all had different experiences in college.

You need to find a method that works for you, that will lead you on the path to greatness. Look at your strengths and weaknesses and build a method that will insure success.
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