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I've been working on incorporating judo's half throw and foot sweep techniques into my playing, and it's been rather fruitful, here's some stuff I've come up with:
Ko Uchi Gari: I get a foot in between his legs and sweep/block the planted leg which I force his upper body to the ground
Sumi Gaeshi: I swung under Hassan's forward momentum and tried to throw him, he managed to plant a foot, but he couldn't keep it on the ground
Tani Otoshi: A half throw from the back instead of the front. Includes blocking/sweeping one or both legs.
Yoko Otoshi: Drop COG very low to the ground in a squatting/crouching/cobra stance and use one leg to block his feet as you throw him over them.
Hiza Guruma: This throw is in the KB but it's worth mentioning this is a half throw technique. Block the knee with your foot and throw him over it.
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I'm going to put together some graphics for the footwork and setups for half throws. I recommend that you guys work on some as well.
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