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Would you tolerate guys like these?
Kicked me even though I didn't have chance to fight a single round while he called me a noob and keep fighting with this white belt(not a custom belt) which is probably his friend or he just wants to wreck white belt noobs.

This is just plain rude.
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understand that it's his private room he can say/do whatever he wants keep that in mind whenever you join a private server also smufr is an alt
to be honest

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That sucks, but they are allowed to do whatever they want :/
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You should host a bet server, wait 'till he come... AND BAN HIM WITHOUT LETTING HIM FIGHT A SINGLE ROUND
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I kicked you multiple times and you kept returning, was the message not clear that you weren't wanted in my server?
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Big bad bully :'(
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Swaves had every right to kick you. That was his private server, and he wanted you to leave.

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