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yeah i dunno, necro isn't bad by any means but it's certainly not very fun when you consider that the best build is waiting for cooldowns the majority of the time and the other build is zzz pets. good damage on both but terrible survivability on pets and pretty boring rotation on pestilence. would be more fun if pestilence had more to do while your frozen lands is on cd. i also tried barb this season thinking maybe they buffed it and made it better but it's still really weak and also not too fun to play, most fun i had with it was with the support build and even then it didn't really compare to season 3 or 4 support monk for me. ended up rolling a wizard which probably would have been more fun since it's no longer archon build but i just got way too bored looking for something to keep me entertained and ended up playing the path of exile league instead, which i'm having a lot of fun with right now since i didn't play the last one very much.

i like the easy aspect of being able to switch your stuff around on each class without having to spend any currency, but i really hate the fact that each class has like 1 or 2 viable builds and none of them are really that different. kind of the opposite for poe where you build a character and can change it to almost anything you want if you have the currency to do so.

also not really trying to push poe over d3 as i find them fun in their own ways and i think they're too different to compare at this point, just saying what i've been thinking about. definitely did not have as much fun this season as some of the ones before playing dh and monk, etc.

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