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More replies! I'm gonna close the thread relatively soon... it's mostly just bigots trying to justify their bigotry at this point. I think it would be funny if this thread got more views than the off-topic rules sticky though, so maybe we'll try for that.

"ohWoW, my thread has more views than the rules sticky, LoOK aT wHat I DoNE, Im MAkInG a DifFERENce!1!"

You're the worst. Go ahead, make another reply then close this. Silence criticism of your opinions. Dig in. Entrench yourself. Good job. Big man.
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They are constructs, very much not concrete in concept.

Gender is a cultural creation. Male/female (biological sex) is not. There are male ants and female ants. This is not derived from culture. This is basic, fkn, biology - Derived from objective reality.
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It's just about as gross a question as someone asking me what genitals I have out of the blue; the answer doesn't matter unless the context is specifically gender related.

Again, asking your mate whether that chick's a guy or a dude is a question about biological sex because PEOPLE LIKE YOU attempt to change your appearance to obfuscate that biological reality.

How is this hard?
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I'm not sure I understand this. Why wouldn't you? If it made them happy and it was no burden or harm to anyone else, why would you rip them from this more comfortable space? It seems unnecessary and mean.

It's just escapism. People also use drugs to escape from reality. Would I support my friend drugging themselves into a haze daily to avoid facing the reality of their situation? Absolutely not.

We have to face reality or else we're not addressing our problems - We're just avoiding them. It's addressing the symptoms of problem, not targeting the cause. The underlying 'fuckeduppedness' (I've coined this term) remains.
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Lmao yes, you'd be a huge racist! If I heard anyone say "I'm only attracted to white people" irl, I'd definitely call them out for being super racist. Humans are generally attracted to other humans, but skin color is outside the realm of sexuality; there can be preference, but nobody is inherently turned off by certain skin colors. Sexual preferences != sexuality. You could say "I'm generally more attracted to white people" and it would be much more accurate than saying "I'm only sexually attracted to white people" (though I feel like this may still be minor subconscious racism in some sense...).

Again, you don't understand what racism is if you think that it's racist for some to prefer to fuck one race over another. There has to be an element of prejudice. Nobody's being prejudiced by preferring to fuck people of their own race. It's legit, a natural thing.

This is the same with transphobia. Despite all your 'study' in this field, for someone to be transphobic they have to actually be prejudiced against trans people. Not wanting to fuck a transexual is not transphobic.

Honestly can't tell if you're just trolling now for more 'views' to boost your fragile ego.
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Good thing I'm teaching the staff (with a little help from other queer players) about transphobia! They're discussing it all and learning as we speak; I'm very proud of them all.

If anything, you're doing the trans-community a disservice by claiming to represent them and their views in the manner that you are.

You're just contributing to greater polarization. But good job tho, looks at all these views!!! In this respect, you're no better than Milo Yiannopolous. You're just a provocateur.
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I'm showing you the way that a progressive and tolerant person thinks about gender and transgenderism.

You're incredible (not in a flattering way).
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And yet I have every trans person I've ever known by my side on all of these issues. Like I said... I ran this by a number of other trans people before posting it. You cannot silence or dismiss me just because I am but one voice.

You're the one that just tried to silence/dismiss everybody by labeling us all as bigots and by threatening to close the thread, but w/e.

Also, I showed this to my trans roommate and they also think you're doing the trans-community a disservice. Not all trans people agree with you. You don't represent my roommate - Just so you know.

Really starting to believe you're just a massive attention-whoring troll. If you aren't and your intentions are pure well then, golly, you got some problems bro.
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