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Originally Posted by Foxy View Post
Toribash is like me, it's dead inside but alive on the outside.

P.S. Maybe Toribash Next will bring new life to this forum. <3

I personally don't see how Toribash Next will bring "new life" considering the fact of what "Toribash" is in itself. A slow paced, fighting game that takes a long time waiting for matches in big queues, of which you get a few minutes of gameplay.

For me, Toribash would have to completely change how the game works entirely. It would have to be faster paced, more noob friendly in terms of learning how to play and what joints affect what, etc.

From my experience of playing a "dead game", Haven and Hearth was a very tight knit community of players from different countries with fighting factions, etc. The game went from 1000 players daily slowly to about 50-200 players online at a time. The developers came out with Haven and Hearth 2.0 and basically recreated the game. Player count went up for a little bit and then made its way back down to its original numbers. Granted, the devs became more active in their game with constant updates etc. However the hardcore gameplay of that game doesn't appeal to a lot of people as its community would think. I think the same goes with Toribash.
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Originally Posted by DruggedPanda View Post

For me, Toribash would have to completely change how the game works entirely. It would have to be faster paced, more noob friendly in terms of learning how to play and what joints affect what, etc.


The question is: What will happen after the release of TB NEXT if it remains the same as the current Toribash?
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“dying“ is a very big word.
As for the player count, yes, it goes less and less.
Mostly because many of the little groups like you and your friends who play it together from time to time either grew up and got stuff to do, went to other games, or simply left for various reasons.
No matter the fact of the reasons why some left and why theres lower amounts of people nowadays, toribash is still the game it is used to be.
That is GOOD.
The real community still is here, players who see more in it not just a game u play once then leave, the main part of that is most likely currently trying to keep the community up like the event squad or market squad.
This way the folk stays happy, every lead like our staff team knows a happy community is a good community because losing more members would be a lot to take right now with such low amounts compared to older days and also with people already complaining on the amounts.

Back then when toribash was realy alive, it was something new, a trend to try out because people first heard of it and indies were cool to check out. Its like fidget spinners, at one time everyone checked it out, now? Now there might be barely people spinning them but there still are some out there spinning.

The point is, toribash is not dying, dont use that word.
I would rather only say it is decreasing in members.
Hampa is probably working alot on toribash next and i guess some more devs too and i guarantee you as long as those guys are typing those keyboard buttons you will NOT see it as dead. But they need us, the community to be patient with the ideas of what is coming out and have to trust in it.
Raising member count for the original tb?
Yes, with marketing to show “hey, maybe you havent tried it out yet!“ however the costs would be unecessary seeing that tb next will strike more likely in a positive way and gain some members to the community of who i believe will try the original tb too.
So all in all, the community needs patience.
It is not “dying“ it is slowly turning into ashes until tb next comes to rise like a phoenix.
While that, we, the community need to give the staff a little time and try to be as good and positive of members as we can just so they atleast know the community holds strong for the next release.
Patience my friends, that is the key.
Lets wait for the phoenix, tb next to make this game alive again.
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Originally Posted by SmallBowl View Post
I disagree - the concept behind toribash is still very inventive and interesting. The issue has always been how beginner unfriendly it is and how behind the curve it has fallen with respect to games that compete with it for space in the market so that it is no longer up to the fast-paced standard of other games.

Although obviously these issues arent easy to fix I definitely think that if well handled toribash or at least the concept behind it could still thrive in todays gaming inustry

The way toribash is today, and when toribash next come, it will be the samething maybe without the bugs, won't bring people to play.
Maybe the same ideia with another execution, talking this way is easy, but we love to see toribash in another atmosphere
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in my opinion Toribash was always dying, the game and the community had its glory at some points and was able to bring a big public into the game but as far as I know that only happened twice (or less).

at the same time I don't think I'll live to see this game dying if there aren't major changes in games universe or internet itself, toribash works fine with a small community and I think this will never end if it depends on community activity, we'll always have some people sticking around and that sounds enough to keep running this game and community
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EVERYONE pull out your lighters... let it burn in memory of this great game....

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Not really, but I'm pretty sure Toribash Next will prevent it from dying.
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The thing about Toribash is, it is a very difficult game for beginners. They try it out and they do not stay because of the skill gap. They come and most of the players already know how to play so they get beat over and over and over again so they lose interest before they even get a chance learn the in depth aspects.
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ive played this game since 2007 it was more fun before they started making changes now no one playes anymore and i dont like the new changes that much they are boring. i feel like its like every other game its slowly dying in popularity more and more every year
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I like where the game stands right now: just enough people to enjoy the game and the community.
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