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Old Jun 8, 2011   #401
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nice painful kicks :3
check out mine
Cheack out mine :3
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oh shit waddup

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ok 7/10, it was a little stiff, and a little too grabby. But, I like how you put your own little spice into it, which is what I think every toribasher needs to do. Here's my all-time best replay, with a little "trollface" spice.
p.s. it looks awesome if you type in "/dl war_hero" then "/lp 0 War_hero", because it turns my character into war_hero's!
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File Type: rpl 00_howirollbiatch_00.rpl (140.8 KB, 7 views)
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painful kicks there. 8/10

my best madman! i have never before succeeded in doing one!
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Unstickied because people don't give a shit about thread rules anymore, you are still allowed to post in this thread.

Next poster rate/comment aerox21's replay
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i liked the replay but it should have ended before the leg part, the transition wasnt great 8/10
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You're also welcome to love my Replays

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