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(KMAC) Kartvelian Martial Arts Club
Kartvelian Martial Arts club was made by a fellow Georgian named g3tab0ut, It was made to give all skilled or talented players, no matter of belt, to play this game.


The Main aim is to help active Toribash players to gain experience, unite people who love Toribash, have a friendly atmosphere and ofc. win some Wars!

Yet our achievement is to reach 15 members.

Numeral achievements >
10 Wars
20 Wars
30 Wars
40 Wars
50 Wars
100 Wars
150 Wars
200 Wars
300 Wars

Best Rank ever recorded : [None]


First, let's look if you're ready to apply or not.
-> You should have Discord
-> You should be active, playing Toribash as a "2hr game" isn't our thing.
-> You should be interested in martial arts overall, or at least in the main idea and existence of Toribash.

Belt Requirements

-> To be in our ABD squad, you have to be Green Belt or higher.
-> To be in our erthtkv2 squad, you have to be Black Belt or higher.
-> To be, or not to... oh nvm, to be in our rk-MMA Squad, you have to be atleast 2nd Dan Black Belt
-> To be in our Boxshu squad, you have to be at least a Blue Belt.

Recruiting Process

X-one that's getting recruited
From Forum
-> X shall leave his application on our Discord Channel or on this Thread.
Then O will choose him and test him on the time said.
-> X shall select his mod(s), after selecting them, O will play against X in every mod X selected, the rules are BO3 (First to 3 in the case of ABD)


Current members: G3tAb0ut
Masters: G3tAb0ut
War crew (Black Belt>) A: natsu52905; swaggerdod (boxshu); agent1048
War crew (Brown Belt)B+: swaggerdod (abd)
War crew (White Belt > Blue Belt) B:

The higher your War Crew level is the more chance of getting into the war you have.
There is a small chance of a White Belt being in A group, (WB for example).

!!Behavioral Rules!!

- no neo-nazism
- no racism
- no discussions about religion
- don't insult each other [ trollin is accepted, saying ur mom gay results in a permament ban from everything possible ]
- no feminism [seriously, that's discusting]

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