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Toriclans Explained

What are Toriclans:

A clan is more than just a thread on the forum; it has members, action logs, the ability to do war, and also gives you a nice clan tag ingame. The actual clan itself, then, has all of these things as attributes - we call this a Toriclan. You can see the list of Toriclans here.

Cool, how do I make one? Or maybe join an existing one?

There is a detailed thread for answering the first question. As for the second:
  • Not all clans are recruiting new members
  • Unofficial clans will have an special thread for applicants here
  • Official clans will usually have a special thread in their own board for recruiting new members.

How do I change my Toriclan's name/tag?
Changing the name and/or tag of your Toriclan costs 10,000TC.
  1. PM a Clan Manager or the Clan Admin with your desired change
  2. If you can have what you asked for (it wasn't against rules or already in use by an active clan), the Manager/Admin will confirm this for you
  3. If you're sure, send the 10,000TC to the Manager/Admin and they'll change your clan's name/tag for you.

Managing your Toriclan

If you're part of a Toriclan, there are quite a few potential options for you if you have the permissions. Leaders have all permissions, and can customize ranks to give them permissions accordingly.

If you don't see the things described below, it's because you aren't in a rank which has the required permissions. You should also note that you can't do anything to people in higher or equal ranking to yourself.

Inviting new members

Just below the main page display, on the right hand side of the page is a search box. Typing a username into here will let you invite them to your clan (assuming they are able to). After sending the invite, it'll look at lot like this.

It is up the person you invited to accept their invite (will show up in their PM box). If they accept the invite, you'll see them show up at the bottom of your toriclan.

Kicking existing members

Next to any member (except leaders), there will be a 'Kick' button. This one is pretty simple: clicking this button will remove that person from the clan.

Changing member ranks

You can change people's ranks around by clicking and dragging them to where you want them to be. You can't move leaders out of their position, but they can be moved around different ranks (being a leader is distinct from being in a rank).

Adding/Deleting ranks

Way at the bottom, there is an empty rank called 'New Rank'. This is not an actual rank in itself, just a template you can use to create a new rank for your clan. Give it a name, permissions and then click 'Create'. It will be the lowest rank by default: look at the next section to see how this can be changed.

Editing current ranks (leaders only)

You can edit the current ranks of your clan easily: just make the changes you want and click 'Update'. If you want to change the order of the ranks you currently have, you'll need to click 'Sort Rank List' just above the list of leaders. You'll see your ranks flash yellow: you can then click and drag the ranks around just like you could with members. When you're done, don't forget to click 'Save Rank Order'.

If you want to go back to being able to move members around, click 'Sort Member List'.

Managing clan wars

Way at the top, where your clan's name is displayed (above the thread post even), there is a link: [wars]. Click on this, and you'll be brought to a new page. From here, refer to this page.

Seeing your clan's logs (leaders only)
Just next to [wars] (at the top of the page), you can see another link: [logs]. Click this one, and it'll bring you to a full log of all actions that have been performed on your Toriclan. These are fairly self explanatory - try doing a few things like editing member ranks and see what happens.

Toriclan-specific rules

1. 'Active' vs 'Inactive'

Coded into Toriclans is a magic threshold of five members, which denotes what the system classes as 'active' clans. That is, if you have five or more members in your clan, you can do all the things a Toriclan normally lets you do (like warring). If you don't reach this number, you won't be able to do many of these things (you also won't be able to even make a new Toriclan without this amount of members).

2. Tags and names:

Tags and names cannot contain:
  • Slurs
  • Strong reference to porn/gore/warez
  • Profanity
  • Clan impersonation is prohibited. Similar names are allowed as long as they are deemed serious clans by the Clan Administration.

3. Clan banks:

Clan banks are player made accounts that serve as a bank for the whole clan, here are some rules surrounding them:
  • Only leaders and/or co-leaders can have access to the bank, this is to make tracking transactions easier when needed
  • While not enforced, it's advised to keep a log of transactions on your clan thread, so that if TC/items get taken out without your knowledge we have records for proof.

Example clan bank transaction logs

Tags and names cannot be taken from your toriclan under normal circumstance. However, depending on whether your clan is official or not, there are expiry dates for names and tags:
Unofficial clans may have their name and tag taken if there have been no posts in their thread within a certain timeframe:
  • For 'Active' clans, this threshold is a year
  • For 'Inactive' clans, this is six months instead
  • For clans with no members, the details are immediately available
Official clans get to keep their details so long as they aren't dead for three years or longer (With an exception of official clan who got legend status, Legend clan detail can't be taken away in any way) (more info here). Clan Tags of dead clans with large significance on the game may also not be given under Admin and Moderator discretion.

Clan Leveling and Achievements

XP is received via clan wars or receiving achievements. War victories give you 150, 200 and 300 XP depending on game limit, while losing wars gives you 50 XP.

Clan Achievements
We've added an achievements system for clans here are all the achievements: Achievements Board

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