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Old Feb 15, 2017   #251
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Oblivion are you sure about selling your textures? Maybe we can talk you out of it D:

If you do manage to sell it, I hope it's to someone who treats it with respect instead of just wanting to sell it higher later on.

And congrats! Can we call you Dr. Oblivion?
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Old Feb 17, 2017   #252
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I'm pretty positive on selling the textures, but how soon just depends on the people bidding

Not yet, still have 1 and a half years of clinical internships until I get the MD. No rush though :)
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Old 5 Days Ago   #253
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Wow man, your tutorials are helping me out immensely. Although there are a few things I don't understand in your tutorials (mostly because of my inexperience) I'm sure with a little patience I'll be able to get the hang of them. You take players by the hand and walk them through the steps on how to hack, change gravity, edit replays so intricatally, it's amazing and invaluable. It's no wonder you're a legend oblivion <3
I hope you get your MD man, you'll be a great "Dr.oblivion" :P
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Hey hello! Just gonna say some stuff,

1. You are my número um favorite replaymaker, I've always been inspired on how you move and interact with the walls and how you run! When I first saw your stock tricking replay when I started to play this game, I thought that was impossible (How can he even do these tricks and be so realistic?! I can't even stand straight without falling when I pose..) But overtime, i've become much better and that's a big thanks to you!

2. Your texture set, if you're going to sell it, I can buy it, but how much do you want it for? : s

3. Good luck with the internships and hope that you have a great 1.5 years studying!
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