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Welcome To #Toribashcup

Everything is moved to our Thread in The Game

Section 2 - Rules for Joining the cup's

To enter tournament, be in #toribashcup at least 15 minutes before start time. Use ?add command to enter yourself in the tournament. Only one entry per person. Should you be unable to play after joining, use ?remove to leave tournament. And you have to could use mirc. download that, you can find the way to use mirc in here.

During play

All players will idle as spectators on the designated server (/spec command). When your match is up, you will enter (/enter command) and fight. When your matches are completed, you will return to spectator mode. Anybody who does not follow this process can and will be removed from tournament.

- Total Rules / Information -[

1. We do not answer questions, there are standings on the thread here = STUPID QUESTIONS
2. We don't want people to cheat
3. You have to use mirc to be allowed to play
4. If you begin to say that you did pay TC and you didn't you will be perm banned, and will not be allowed to compete
5. In Toribashcup's we dont wanna hear the "F" And "N" word or other profane words
6. You have to be ready for your match, if you are afk your opponent will win automatically
7. When an admin asks for silence listen to him, so he does not have to repeat himself
8. To signup for a cup, you have to idle on mirc channels #toribashcup / #toribash
- how to join a normal cup for normal days

Last edited by Chill; Oct 26, 2007 at 08:11 AM.. Reason: Updated with info. -RbLcK- dots instead of commas on rules.
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is always wrong.
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Welcome To #ToribashCup

Why we're doing it on mIRC:

#ToribashCup is used on mIRC because we have a cup bot that will hold control. We're also doing it so more people will begin using mIRC and be on channels, such as #toribash and #toribashcup. It's also easy to contact an admin there. (Ex. Hampa or veb.) Please support us and get mIRC at If you need help on how to set it up, just ask in this thread and we will help. Thanks.

#ToribashCup Information:

You have to donate credits in the amount from 100 to 1000 toricredits and then 8 people donate 500 each. It's about how many slots the cup is on. It will be from 3000 to 5000 toricredits every time.
To sign up to the cup, write ?add. To remove yourself, type ?remove.
To see the prize, type ?prize
For more information, ask a admin on the channel.

Please do not spam, or talk constantly in there while an admin is talking about the rules. He will kick the first time and then perma-ban afterwards.

The ToribashCup's Last Winners

[August 3 - 2007 ] = soon to come
[August 2 - 2007 ] = DeadorK 3000 Toricredits / LJ- 3000 toricredits

<suomynona> It might kill you, but, that's the worst it'll do
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Okay, okay, okay...

PM me all of your questions. I'll answer what I can right now.

Hamster: you don't get your money back if you lose. You get it back if you come in first, second, or third. There's a formula to see that you get money determined by how much you bet, so betting low wins very low.

Excess money will be generated if the top 3 didn't donate the full amount. The extra overlaps to the next competition.

Drakhir: you bet money. There are 8 competitors, each donating up to 1000 toricredits. The top 3 winners get prize credits. First place gets a potential 50%, second gets a potential 30%, and third gets a potential 20%. Each toricredit you bet corresponds to one tenth of a percent. If you bet 1000, you will win the full 100% of your winnings. If you bet only 500, you only get 50% of the winnings.

A person betting 400 and coming in first, with a prize of 5500, wins 1100 credits. A person betting 700 and coming in second will win 1155 credits.

The system it works on ensures that you do not get a lot of credits if you don't bet a lot of credits.
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Guys remember there is a big cup 8/5/2007 20k TC we need you guys to go to if you dont have it, do this to support hampa, and us. Thanks
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Where do i find the mirc toribash server?
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ok , when you installed it
you have to choose Quakenet random on the serers

so you will could login after that write #toribashcup and #toribash
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Toribashcup Information - All Deal -

How Many Rounds? : Best out of 3
Donate? : Yes you have to donate

Donate System

[EX for how it works]
People Donate. Chill = 500 Groad = 1000 Lj = 1000 = Isha 400 = Snide = 600 Nmilkosky = 100 Playerid666 = 200 volt = 700
Totalt = 4500
Each 100 you donate you will get 10% of your winning postions. ex


1 Place gets 50% of the total prize
2 Place gets 30% of the total prize
3 Place gets 20% of the total prize

But you do only get the total prize of your winning postion if you donated 1000TC cause thats 100% of your winning. so that will say.

Chill Donate 500 first place
Chill donate 500 thats 50% his winning postion was 1/first so thats 50%. that will say if he "did" Donate 1000 that is 100% he will get 2250TC - but he "did" only donate 500 so thats 50% of that. thats is so 2250 - 50% = 1125TC
Lj donate 1000 second place
Lj donate 1000 thats 100% his winning postion was 2/second so that is 30%. that will say that he did the full prize of the second place there is 1350TC - if he only did donate 500 that is 50% that will say he will also only get 50% of the 30% from the 2/second place. Lj did get more then the firstplace cause he did donate more, he used more TC in it,
Playerid666 100 third place
Playerid donate 100 that is 10% his winning postion was 3/third so that is 20%. that will say if he "did" donate 1000 he would have get all 100% of the 3/third place prize. but he did only donate 100 so thats 10%.

The hole system is more you donate more you will win. if there is TC back from the other cup, it will go to the next cup so the prize is bigger.
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Toribashcup Information - Competition Format & Prizes -

Competition Format: Tournament Bracket ( Elimination ) - Best 2 out of 3
Price: Optional. Please see below for further explanation of how your donations affect your winnings.

Donation and Prize System

1st - 50% of total tournament bank money
2nd - 30% of total tournament bank money
3rd - 20% of total tournament bank money

In the event that you are placed in the top 3 and are eligible to collect prize money, you do not automatically claim the above amount!. The cost of entering the ToribashCup is not fixed. In order to keep the ToribashCup funded, we have implemented a system to encourage participants to donate to the cup.

The way your final prize money is calculated is as follows:

<WINNINGS> = <Prize> * < Donated TC > / < Maximum Donation TC >

Example ::

(Max Donation 1000 tc)

Chill - 500 tc
Groad - 1000 tc
Lj - 1000 tc
Isha - 400 tc
Snide - 0 tc
Nmilkosky - 100 tc
PlayerID666 - 200 tc
volt - 700 tc

Total prize money - 4500 tc

In the event that winners are as follows,

1st - Chill
2nd - Lj
3rd - Snide

Chill would win :
( 4500 * 50% ) * 500 tc / 1000 tc = 1125 tc

Lj would win :
( 4500 * 30% ) * 1000 tc / 1000 tc = 1350 tc

Snide would win :
( 4500 * 20% ) * 0 tc / 1000 tc = (obviously) 0 tc

Any left over Toricredits in the cup will be rolled over to be part of the next cup's prize money.

I hope this illustrates the relationship between the optional entry fee and the final winnings awarded to you.
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hmmm so whats the next big prize?
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Next Cup : Wednsday 8/8/2007
Next Cup information
Time : 3pm -8GMT Pacific Time
Servers : 20/21
Slots : 32
Mode : Kickbox or Sambo not sure yet
Admins : Chill / More will come
Prize : Will come
News about cup : The cup is free you dont have to donate anything, the bot will not go down agian the bot is fixed.
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