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"Torismash" World Championship (Winner Announced)

This Tournament combines replay making, with online skills, to determine the worlds best "ToriSmasher"!

Rules and Explanation
There will be 3 mini replay competitions and multiple ingame tournaments all worth points.
You can post a total of 3 replays, divide them up as you like.
The points are accumilative, the more competitions you win, the more points you get.
The player with the most points at the end of the tournaments will get the grand prize.
For every mini competition you win, you get a mini prize, (as well as your points).
The ingame tournaments will be hosted by PT members at random times using wrestling mods tournaments.
This will last 10 days long.


Replay Tournaments

Judged by: Culapou

Flying Attack
Using the mod wcwjump1-beta.tbm create a high flying move that excites the crowd, and punishes uke.

Uke Can be moved
Settings except for uke's position, and engageplayerrot can not be changed (use engageplayerpos).
You can make your attack on uke standing, or you can move uke so he is laying down.
Creativity will be most rewarded, try flying all over the place, you can even make uke counter the attack and put a punish on tori.

Signature Move
Every Wrestler has a signature move, make your own using the mod, wcwfight1-beta.tbm

Uke Can be moved
Gravity can be set from -20 to -30, engage distance can be changed, but both players must begin on the ground, engageplayerrot can be changedl, other settings are to be at default.
The goal is to create the most powerful and unique move you can think of.
You can make uke counter the attack, and put a punishing move on tori.

Best Blooper
Using either of the mods, wcwfight1-beta.tbm or wcwjump1-beta.tbm, make a move that goes wrong.

Uke Can be moved
Gravity can be set from -20 to -30, and engageplayerrot can be changed everything else is to remain at default
The goal is to fail at a move that causes painful outcomes, weather it be slipping off the ropes, or breaking your arm going for a choke slam.


Online Tournaments

Hosts: culapou & bdo & phail

There will be wrestling mode tournaments online at random times through out the days.
If you win one of the tournaments you get a points and prize money.
You can win unlimited times.
Hosts will keep track of how many points each player has.


WINNER: 408449


Winning a Mini Replay Competition: 7points, and 5k
Placing Second in a Mini Replay Competition: 5points
Placing Third in a Mini Replay Competition: 2points

Winning an ingame tournament: 5points 5k
Placing Second in an ingame tournament: 3points
Placing Third in an ingame tournament: 1point

Player with the most points accumulated at the end of the tournament: 50k!

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Gj bro ;)

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Wow, i actually did better than i thought i would.

Gratz to the winner.
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