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Scar will not be joining the Tribe at this time.
Virus will not be joining the Tribe at this time.
[10:23 PM] tank: im humble in victory and defeat
[10:23 PM] tank: usually victory
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Will you just lay there? Depends on if its morning.
Will you die? Im no fortune teller, but BONDarenko is with me.
Or will you fight. I fought a guy last Tuesday.
Clawing to life with your last breath you now face a choice. Give up.
Or complete the Rite of Passage. I'll complete it.

Im Micah, im 18. I enjoy sitting in the sun listening to M83, drawing, painting, and singing throughout my day. I'm a very relaxed guy who likes discussions about anything and everything who can often get out of hand when in a good mood. I've sent most of my life wanting to do something in the field of astronomy and or acting, because even though i was good at sports they all sucked so much. I've been in a few clans (seriously) TGS, and Evil. The others were either dead or died soon after I joined. And tang, but i wasn't feeling that whole vibe after a discord visit. I want to join because where my dogs are is where I wanna be. Thiggist included
had a name change to Micah from mdm800 around the year 2013.

-Rest in peace Kota, love you bro.-

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there's a fuckin moon HUA HUA HUAH XD
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Failure #1

Attempt #2:
Ahem, Hello once again friends and others I haven't had the pleasure in meeting quite yet. Here to reapply to the family so I won't homeless anymore.
Since my last Application to Tribe I've done a few things, I was a member of Vibe, the resurrection of a warring clan that met the demise of Alts (Ahem thanks Nate). I've become more familiar with the Tribe members along (Not all unfortunately) with friends of Tribe. And become more active on reading through forums and playing in-game although post nor skill could prove that cause i'm still terrible.
Reasons on wanting to enter Tribe:
I've already stated my few reasons in the previous app but I'm bringing another couple of reasons this time:
I believe I have come decently good friends with most of the members of Tribe. I do believe I'm pretty likable with most of the members, except monika, its a love hate relationship there. I can't say I bring much to the table when it comes to in-game but I think I'm a pretty cool dude and so should you (Probably not though I just beg for Tcs cause I'm homeless). So yeah that's my app. Its pretty garbo but that's okay.
Best regards to Tribe

P.S. Uka Uka

[a]dventure | Event Squad | [M]idnight

-Interested in joining Event Squad? Pm me!

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Your Summer Wars avatar pleases me.

Do you have a vape or John Cena action figure by chance?
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Take #2
Yo what's up everyone! It's me Enclave here, and I'd like to give another go at applying for the Tribe.

Important Info:
  • GMT -4 (East Coast USA)
  • Past Clans: [Pyro] from 2011-2012 and (Flawless) from Dec. 2017-January 2018
  • Alts: DeezNuhtz, NotEnclave, wsocka, BonzyBuddy, Corndoggy

So first things first, my name's David and I'm 19.
-If you look at my avatar pic that's my college's logo. Love it. Can't wait to be done with my first year as I progress on becoming a Real Estate and Econ major.
-I'm minoring in Spanish as I love the language and would like to become fluent.
-In the future I see myself being involved with "megalopolis" themed cities such as NYC, Singapore, or LA.

Some cool shit:
  • Pro at eating Cookout
  • Can never get enough of EDM (Tiesto, Hardwell, Afrojack)
  • am colorblind. don't worry. i can drive
  • have a bigass stack of newspapers just bc no one here gives a shit about them

So you "play" Toribash?
-To be frank, I'm not that skilled at the game. However! I take pride in hosting bet servers and hosting tournaments.
-Hosting to me is something I enjoy because I like it when everyone around me is having a good time.
-Many people think I use that tc just for myself. I'll be honest. A little, but 99% of it goes towards the tournaments I host as I personally believe in giving back to the community.
-I started playing around 2011 but went inactive for a while, but now here I am; back into a game where I thought I'd quit after a month of returning. Instead, I end up loving it as much as everyone wants to say it's "dead."

So Enclave, Why Tribe?
  • For me, Tribe feels personally like my fraternity, a brotherhood to help understand/improve one another
  • Tribe has some really neat people in it like Lexx being a businessman, Natejas making mods, and Erth's designs in architecture.
  • Most people are trying to find a clan for clan league. I had no idea what clan league was until two weeks ago. My application at this timing might seem like that's what it's for; But I assure you that my best interest is in trying to join a group of guys who I can best associate myself with.

Thank you for reading my application again!

~World's Fastest Nudger~
Got rare stuff? :D PM me!

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y did u make the text big
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Micah is now in discussion.
homeless is now in discussion.
Enclave is now in discussion.
[10:23 PM] tank: im humble in victory and defeat
[10:23 PM] tank: usually victory
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My name is Gabriel, I'm 17 years and I'm from Brazil. Nowadays I'm studying at home trying to join the veterinary medicine in a public college since I always loved animals, working taking care of them would be like a dream coming true to me, but since I don't have a job yet I end up having plenty of time to be online in-game and in the forum.
I started playing toribash in an account called oioi001 in 2012 then I changed to this one that before the name change was known as xHaxx, I'm not very good in-game or making SP replays, I'm pretty average in these two. What really my name kinda ''known'' was my marketing skills and my old art collection.
I'm applying to Tribe because of my past clan ([h]hidden) its dying in-game and in the forums, so I decided to join a clan that I had some friends already, and Tribe its this clan since I'm friend with the guys from the old [TGS], old clan buddies from hidden like Daedalus, Iver, and Shade. But since the clan seems to have a lot of cool guys I would love to make new friends here

that's my app cya
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Micah has been accepted into the Tribe.
Homeless is still in discussion.
Enclave will not be joining the Tribe at this time.
Love has been accepted into the Tribe.
[10:23 PM] tank: im humble in victory and defeat
[10:23 PM] tank: usually victory
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Second Attempt

Hey guys, Second attempt on applying for Tribe here.
I'm a 17 year old living in Indonesia (GMT +7), I'm pretty much just doing ordinary things in life which every person in college does. I'm planning on moving to Melbourne for university in a few years.
I started playing Toribash on August 2014 and took a few breaks from the game. I've started dueling and losing TC on a fast rate on early 2016s.
I've met a couple Tribe members by dueling them. Natejas, Holotor and iRookie. I've met others too such as Sasuke, Lexx and vin.
I've met a couple more people since my last attempt at applying, unfortunately i couldn't talk to some due to being in a GMT +7 country.
I've Mexican body slammed emilss/sasuke in every mod available on Toribash so i'm a tough guy ok?
That's it for the application. Thanks for reading!
Agus and Foobi, two biggest losers of Toribash
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