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Event Artists Recruitment Drive

Hey friends! The Event Artists are back again with another recruitment drive!
We're once more looking for artists to help put that extra artistic touch on future events.
This drive will be active for several weeks, so get your apps in whilst the getting's good!

What is the job of an Event Artist?

Simple, Event Artists are responsible for creating banners and logos for the many events the Event Squad hosts.
Though if you're able to create textures for 3D items I'm sure the Item Forgers would love your assistance as well!

Here are just a few examples of previous banners created by the Event Artists.


Of the requirements, activity is probably the most important one. You probably shouldn't apply if you don’t have some free time laying around.
As this is an artistic position you should probably know how to make art, though we're not expecting anything wild and crazy.
Additionally, you’re going to need a clean background, we need people whom we can trust, we wouldn’t want anyone leaking, now would we?

Well, how do I apply?

Simply send a freeform application to either Icky or Orko!
Make sure to include your GMT, any languages your fluent in, as well as many examples of your art you can provide!

Any application sent in without examples of their artwork will be immediately declined.
This drive will be coming to a close on the 1st of October, expect results shortly after.
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Originally Posted by KDigityDog View Post
again, in 1 hour you can get a lot done and you'll have time.(more than 1 hour xD)

XD yes, im aware that an hour is a lot.
And yes, i know programs dont matter. however, there are things that make life easier, like you said.
Alright, ill see what i can do then.
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And this concludes the drive! We've brought in some artists before the drive has come to a close, and we still intend to bring in artists some time after it's end. However, please remember we encourage artists to apply at all times! There is never a surplus of good artist hands to have around, we need as many as we can get our grubby little paws on.

The list of those whom have been accepted up until now is as follows: PixelateTori, Royal, Cats, Tomiiiwhaw, WeooWeoo and Zwift. I'll update this list as we go through the remaining applicants, so don't be disheartened just yet!
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