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[READ BEFORE POSTING] Off-Topic Rules & Guidelines
Failure to comply with these rules will result in a warning/infraction.

This board is not wibbles.
A. We do not allow useless threads. Your thread must have an obvious topic with room for some Discussion. Examples of useless threads include: Birthday threads, leaving threads coming back threads...etc.
B. No idle chit-chat, all threads must relate to something.
C. If the Original Post is a question, do not just reply with just an answer, but also explain your answer.
D. Spamming is not tolerated in this board.
E. No one word posts.

All general rules still apply.

Link to the rules of the three sub-boards:
Gaming Chat
Computer/Mobile Chat
Music/Movie Chat

Welcome. Off-topic is a board meant for less-than-completely-serious debate, idea sharing, news linking, et cetera. All these things which get posted in Discussion, but which most members that participate in Discussion don't really feel that they are suitable to a forum of the type Discussion currently is (Read: Debate). This means you can post some stuff you find interesting or new or cool here.

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I'm going to point out that there has been tons of awful and wibblish posts in this board lately. These posts have never been allowed and will be infracted on sight.

Off-Topic is not wibbles. Keep it (reasonably) tame.
[23:23:53] <AndChat|700625> Blue eyes ultimate dragon best card
[23:24:29] <AndChat|700625> You know the one with 3 heads
[23:24:39] <~Lightningkid> just like my dick

[11:35:40] <box> Hampa suck
[11:36:21] <hampa> not the first to tell me that today
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I've recently edited this thread putting in this:

Originally Posted by Fee View Post
Failure to comply with these rules will result in a warning/infraction.

This has already been a thing, but now we will infract people who are making threads that break any rule. Good thing there is a thread that will guide users to prevent this!

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Posting this to notify everyone that a new rule got added recently.

D. If the Original Post is a question, do not just reply with just an answer, but also explain your answer.

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Minor update. Stuff in red (upper section) is the old rules - stuff in green (lower section) is the new. Not intended to be a revolutionary change, and perhaps not the final revision either.

A and B weren't changed so they don't show up here.

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