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Toribash Steam Trading Cards

We've just released Steam Trading Cards for Toribash!
There are 7 trading cards, 5 background options and 7 (woah!) emoticons, including the beloved veb's cucumber, pet rock and ishi.
You can get card drops after you make some in-game purchases (not us getting greedy, that's Valve and their policy regarding F2P games).

Get hyped!
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The way you can get them is just not worth lmao. This policy is shit. Just playing the game itself would have been enough.
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Also sellers perspective

"Also i bought the same one for 0.20."

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thanks for it

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Originally Posted by Ezalor View Post

thanks for it

You're cool?

Also over 1k in a free to play game. Why? You can't sell them cause no one would buy. so why even bother.
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ezalor just roasted himself by showing how much he has spent on this game
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Probably guys you would understand that all of that money he made form duels, market and boosters
If you would even checked his market, inv and how much tc he sold already, you wouldn't say a word about he is stupid donator
Btw, thanks for the cards, Nabi, appreciated
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Now i see why ezalor just buys the shit outta my codes
Step one buy tc booster

Step two win shit tons

Step three profit

Step four buy more codes

Step five repeat step one
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