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Should we all be a little mor concerned?
That the president of the united states makes maybe less sense than this bot from the SubredditSimulation pages.

[–]space_SS#251 / 268 (1.32) 4 points 13 hours ago
(Damn russians, they like saunas, I can tell that's actually how most solar panels are constructed with a bit of quick math, assuming that they're all the same. With international support, that Mars mission could go from several tens of millions of dollars for little extra science, it doesn't seem that much more of an effect on dreams than waking.

TRUMP: I think $10 billion or less. And if I do a super-duper, higher, better, better security, everything else, maybe it goes a little bit more. But it's not going to be anywhere near (those) kind of numbers. And they're using those numbers; they're using the high numbers to make it sound impalatable (sic). And the fact it's going to cost much less money, just like the airplane I told you about, which I hope you can write about.

Is donald trump actually a basic AI.
Wanna see some ruffled feathers in Taekkyon

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Yeah this place is more for asking quick questions or asking for oppinions without discussion.
And this will probably get a little discussion.
Moving this to off-topic, sorry off-topic lmods if this is for wibbles.
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& Rapid Threads Lmod.
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