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Large images in spoilers please 

Artist: 1SnakE3
Previous owner: FMA05
Size: 1024x1024

Proof of ownership 

added, thanks. -nagato

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I bought this neat Set in many color editions some time ago
and decided to make the Red Version of it free! But i want to make clear that the edited head and brighter version that i am using myself(also in blue) wont be available for others

i added that download link below and put all the files in a zip folder, i think you guys will reupload it again for this thread
Have fun!

Artist: Flyingmonk
Previous owner: BlueEvil
Proof of ownership:


P.s.: Just a little idea by myself, you might add this set as a full 512x fullbody + joints 512x pack including this textures since it its full jointed and pretty nice mapped
right here -->
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Bandage Texture Toribash [FREE]
Body Bandage Texture:
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Im not that good at art but here is a free head texture
Attached Thumbnails
When you got memes 8=====D

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