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Market Rules - READ BEFORE POSTING! [updated 11/05/17]
Market Rules

Links to places you should be aware of

General Market Board Rules

A) No flaming, trolling, spam, warez, porn, useless-posts, double-posts or self-advertising, and make sure to use the right forum.
.....I) Useless posts include but are not limited to: posts with no content, comments/critcism related to artwork or prices, providing art information (e.g. telling a user the artist of a head texture they are selling) and any other type of post that is not directly related to the buying/selling/trading of items/artwork. Posts such as these should not be made and the content should instead be PMed to the user it is intended for.
.....II) Self advertisement includes: Posting a link to your shop, request thread, auction or on.toribash link anywhere in the market (with the exception of signatures).
.....III) A user may have more than one thread open if each thread serves a different purpose. Note that having multiple threads with the same purpose (more than 1 Sale/Trading/Buying thread) may result in infractions (this includes using alt accounts).

.....[A] : Auction : For auctioning off art/items.
.....[B] : Buying : For requesting art/items.
.....[S] : Selling : For selling art/items.
.....[T] : Trading : For swapping items.
.....[R] : Request : For requesting art

.....IV) Do not accuse other people of having stolen textures or of trying to sell free textures. If you believe that someone is trying to sell free textures or stolen textures, report the thread along with where you think the texture came from.

B) Bumping: You may bump your threads once every 24 hours after the last post. Any updated information may be included in these bumps, but you may not make a separate "update" post in addition to your daily bump. Alt bumping and delete bumping (deleting a post and then posting again to have a more recent post) are not allowed in any form. This applies to creating new threads serving the same purpose after closing last one as well.

C) Do not attempt to sell, or pay with items or Toricredits that are not in the inventory of the account that is posting. No; "It's in a bank account". This also covers the sale of items currently in the market.

D) Account selling and trading is forbidden, if you are caught trading accounts you will be banned.

E) Do not ask for 'no Qi' items. Do not attempt to sell 'no Qi' items. Packs are the only exception to this rule.

F) All threads (with the exception of the Requests board) must now have a tag, the tags are: [A]:Auction, [B]:Buying, [S]:Selling, [T]:Trading.
.....[A] : Auction : For auctioning off art/items.
.....[B] : Buying : For requesting art/items.
.....[S] : Selling : For selling art/items.
.....[T] : Trading : For swapping items

G) In the case that a user is banned during a deal, and can not complete a transaction, the other party (not banned) decides whether to suspend the deal and wait for the ban to lift, or to cancel and sell/buy from another party. In the case that both parties are banned during a deal, the deal is canceled. Auction deadlines are considered irrelevant when waiting for a ban to lift, as the auction has already ended regardless of the transfer being delayed.

H) Offering sets in the market that are labeled differently than their true content is prohibited. Doing so will be considered as severe fraud attempt and punished accordingly.

I) An item set without hair colour is not a full set.

J) Loan scams will only be refunded using the TC or items the user still has. If the money is gone, it's gone. Loan at your own risk.

K) Only the information of the proposed deal posted in the thread is what is deemed to be official. Sellers should be explicit and clear when stating what is for sale. For example, if a user posts a sale thread advertising that they are selling their deactivated inventory then that should be interpreted that they are offering their entire deactivated inventory. The fact that they have a set in their deactivated inventory called "not for sale" (and is, in their mind, obviously not included in what they are offering in their thread) will not be taken into consideration. It would only be excluded from the seller's offer if they made it clear in their sale thread that they are selling their entire deactivated inventory except that particular set.

L) The sale of merchandise that is not related to Toribash is forbidden. Any attempt to sell or trade Toribash unrelated commodities will have you infracted and the thread closed.

Auction Rules

A) Auctions must have an end date or time with GMT (I.E. 25/Dec or 24 hours after last valid bid), minimum (starting) bid, raise and autobuy.

B) Your bid may not be below the starting bid or below the previous bidders bid if there is one.

C) No minion bidding, if you bid (or solicit bids) on your own auctions you are breaking the rules.

D) If you withdraw a winning bid at the end of the auction you must pay the auctioneer 20% of that bid.
.....I) Furthermore, once you place a bid in an auction, it cannot be edited or cancelled under any circumstances.

E) Auctions can not be withdrawn once someone has made a valid bid, only before.
.....I) This also means that you may not accept an offer early once there is one. After a valid bid has been placed you must wait until the auction ends X time after the last bid.

F) Auctions can not be edited once someone has made a valid bid, only before.

G) Auction bids must be made using only toricredits. The minimum raise for all auctions must be at least 10tc.

Art Rules

A) Using copyrighted work without proven owner consent is plagiarism and is strictly forbidden.
.....I) 'Copyrighted work' here means any work or creation made by someone else - it has its regular meaning.
..........1) These works are automatically subjected to the Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike licenseunless explicitly stated otherwise.
..........2) If you use other artists' work in your own productions then you must adhere to any license, conditions, or specifications they list (or if none are listed then follow the license in clause A.I.1 above).
.....II) Free textures or textures released openly to the community may not be sold.

B) Do not sell variations of the same texture to multiple users in any circumstance, re-colors or minor edits do not constitute a new texture.

C) Following information must be added to all textures and texture previews:
.....I) The resolution they are made and displayed in, from 128, 256 or 512
.....II) The original artist of the set when bought from someone else.
.....III) The previous owner of the set/texture when bought from someone else.
.....IV) Whether or not you are willing to recolour the items and how much it would cost.

D) Criticism whether groundless or informative should now be kept to PM. As should questioning relating to the creation of artwork or software used. These will now fall under the category of useless posting.

E) The art board is strictly for the buying and selling of art work. As such any 'Free Texture' shops or similar will be closed and the thread maker will be infracted.

F) Marketing any texture that disrupts the integrity of gameplay or offers an unfair advantage to the user is strictly prohibited and the users involved in trade/use will be punished.

G)Texture previews must adhere to the following:
.....I)At least one preview with Toribash's default shader enabled must be provided.
.....II)Previews should not contain any obscuring items, Flames, 3D Items, Hair Items, Ghosts, Tori/Uke or 3rd party edits.

Requests Rules

A) Specify what you want and your budget.

B) Do not request 'no Qi' items.

Requesting Art
A) Do not use other peoples art work to demonstrate what you want, this encourages plagiarism.

B) Try to explain what you want in as much detail as you can, in both post and thread title, and always include what your budget is.

C) Descriptions:
.....I) Describe what colours you want, and what resolution (size) you want the image(s) in.
.....II) Avoid words like 'cool' or 'detailed', as they don't tell the artist anything.
.....III) Words like 'rough' and 'smooth' are useful.
.....IV) Styles like 'vector' or 'painted' help a lot as well.

D) You must pay at least the originally quoted price to the winning artist(s).

E) Specify if you want only new, original art to be posted or if you do accept premades as well. If your preferences are not clearly specified, it should be assumed that both types are being accepted.

Flame Specific Rules

A) Do not create, request, buy, sell or wear flames that cause serious lag in-game or obstruct being able to play the game.

B) If a forger makes a mistake in the forging of a flame, this is the responsibility of the forger.

C) Plagiarism:
.....I) Do not copy flames outright, learning from other forger's designs is fine but direct carbon copies are plagiarism.
.....II) Flames by default are assumed to not be unique, this means that someone else can buy a flame exactly the same as another user, provided plagiarism has not taken place.
.....III) Do not request flames based existing flames without explicit consent, do not even ask for "Something similar to [user-name]". You must describe what you want.
.....IV) Do not post your .dat files unless you are willing to share them publicly without restriction.
.....V) Do not edit someone else's .dat file to make your own flames, this is plagiarism.

D) Previewing Flames:
.....I) Previews should be images, videos or gifs only.
.....II) Flame sales must have at least one preview with the entire flame against the default white background and without any flame texture unless requested otherwise by the buyer.
.....III) Flame IDs must be posted any time a flame is being sold (e.g. the first post of selling threads and any other posts in buying threads). See this post for how to check the flame ID.
.....IV) If a buyer agrees that the previewed flames are what they want, and then is unhappy with the flames after receiving them, no discount/refund/exchange is required of the forger.

E) When selling flames for money, you must comply with the Currency Trade Regulations.

F) Selling flame designs is strictly prohibited.

G) Flame request shops ARE allowed.

Market Bot Rules

A)Market bots and other market automation programs or utilities are banned from being used in Toribash.

*By using the market, the market boards or getting involved in negotiations of any remotely Toribash related subject matter you agree to and accept all current and future market rules.

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Going to start making posts in this thread from now on whenever we change, add, or remove rules from this thread (market rules) or this one (duel rules, clan war stuff and other scam procedure). There isn't really any other good way to publicise updates so I figured this is the best way available and keeps everything neat and tidy. If you see a new post in this thread then check it out asap.
In updates posted here we'll tell you what was changed as well as why and try to be as clear and transparent as possible.

Change regarding:
Duel rules - Specifically the "Things to remember" section and duel rule number 1.

Instead of having 24 hours to send a prize from a duel you now have only a couple of minutes or however long is reasonable in the circumstances (though it shouldn't take long at all). Wagers that you duel with must now be able to be sent immediately in addition to being verifiably owned quantities. Basically, don't duel unless you can send the prize right away and sending the prize should be the first thing you do after losing a duel. If you quit the game and go off and do something else before sending it then you may be treated with suspicion if you are reported.

Context/our thinking:
Few things going into this decision.
1. If you duel for stuff outside the official duel system of just tc then you should have the stuff on hand to be sent straight away. This is in line with the equivalent market rule where you can't offer to pay with something that can't be sent immediately from your account.

2. This rule change removes the ability for a loser of a duel to sit on the wagered prize for 24 hours for no reason other than being a dick because they can.

3. This gives the market squad greater ability to react quickly to situations where a user never intended to pay the prize anyway and would, in the past, use the 24 hours to dispose of the items (even though in cases where this was obvious we would intervene sooner). We can now react faster to reports because we can assume that if someone hasn't sent the prize right away then they are attempting to scam.

(Remember that the msquad still make no promise of a reaction time to your case and that duels outside the official system only receive limited support. The best protection is not to duel using these methods and if you still choose to - then please engage in safe dueling practices with trustworthy users. For more info see here.)

Cheers guys, happy marketing/dueling.

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Change regarding:
Market rules - Added item L to general market rules.

Addition of a new rule regarding clarity of deals and how bulk or sweepeing deal statements (like "deactivated inventory") can be interpreted.

Context/our thinking:
This change is mostly common sense and shouldn't have to be written down tbh. I've decided to put it in here though after a case went down much like the example provided in the new rule.

It's really just creating a leg for buyers to stand on when they make a deal with a seller and the seller has a more particular idea of what they are selling (in regards to things like "selling deactivated") than the buyer thinks and where the buyer is unaware of this (either because the seller has inferred that the buyer should know because of common sense or something like that or because the seller has just not been clear enough).

What the change means for sellers is that you should ensure that you clearly state if there are any exceptions to bulk sale offers and that you and the buyer should be clear on what is in the offer and that this information is evident in the market thread.

Cheers guys, happy marketing.
(The thread title will also be updated with the date of the latest change from now on too)
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"Change" regarding:
Auction Rules - Item G

Updated the item G in order to make it more clear that auction bids must be made using only Toricredits.

Context/our thinking:
Well, this isn't really a change, since the rule already implied that auctions are supposed to be TC only. However, we realized that some users were still offering textures and items as auction bids. Therefore, in order to avoid disputes and other complexities and messiness brought up by the use of textures and items in bids, we wanted to make it more clear that auction bids must be made using toricredits only.

That's about it guys, I hope we have made it clear now. Cheers!
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Change regarding:
Request rules - Added item E.

Just that now, in the request board, if you don't specify that you are only seeking a new/commissioned/made to order art piece(s) then sellers/artists can assume that you're just looking for whatever best matches your description, new or pre-existing.

Context/our thinking:
Gives a default for thread interpretation when details are absent or unclear. Thus, it prevents posts asking if the buyer accepts premades etc etc. This new rule is similar to the general market board rule I and promotes consistency in operation of similar rules.

Cheers guys, happy marketing.
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Change regarding:
Art Rules - Item A) reworked and with additions.

Item A) itself has been simplified.
Item I) has been added as a subsection to item A). Makes it clear what stuff we're talking about.
Item 1) has been added as a subsection to item I). It sets out the default license for stuff made by people here. This license was chosen since it meets the exact terms that were effectively active previously.
Item 2) has been added as a subsection to item I). Just makes it clear that this license/creator's specifications needs to be followed.
Item II) has been added as a subsection to item A). It makes it unmistakably clear that free textures may not be sold. While this was previously pretty clear to anyone able to read and comprehend text, we thought it was best to make it explicit.

Context/our thinking:
The rework is mostly for clarity and cleaning up the section.
Explicitly forbidding the sale of free textures makes it bleedingly obvious that that is not tolerated since, would you believe it, people have argued to us in the past that they didn't know as the rules weren't clear enough.
The creative commons license was added since there happens to be a license that achieves the exact terms that art and assets had operated under before so having it neatly codified from an official source is makes it very convenient and neat to implement here and makes these terms clearer as well.

Cheers guys, happy marketing.
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Change regarding:
General Market Board Rules - Formerly Item I)

"I) All auction, buying, and sales threads should state which forms of payment are being accepted/offered, for example "TC only" or "high-value items".
Also note that posts inquiring about the preferred payment option which aren't offers are treated as useless, and punished accordingly. If form of payment wasn't stated clearly, it should be assumed that both items and TC are accepted." - has been removed.

All subsequent rules have renamed due to the space left by the deleted rule.

Context/our thinking:
The rule became confusing as it was interpreted by many as a guideline. Some thought the final line "If form of payment wasn't stated clearly, it should be assumed that both items and TC are accepted." made this the case. Eventually it was treated as such by staff as well as marketeers and stopped being enforced, as the rule seems soft anyway it has been removed.
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Change regarding:
General Market Board Rules - Added item L.

The sale, trade and buying of Toribash unrelated commodities in the Market Board is now forbidden.

Context/our thinking:
Basically because we didn't had a rule that pointed the sale of items unrelated to Toribash in first place.
And most of the items unrelated to Toribash that were being sold here conflicted with the terms of service of the provider, so this rule is a way to lock down that.

Thank you!
Send me a PM if you need help or if you want to apply for the Market Squad!
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Hi friends, we've added a new rule to the auction section:

Auction Rules: Item D), sub-point I) added.

D) If you withdraw a winning bid at the end of the auction you must pay the auctioneer 20% of that bid.
.....I) Furthermore, once you place a bid in an auction, it cannot be edited or cancelled under any circumstances.

Our thought process:

Before this rule was added, technically you could make a clearly high bid that no one would counter, and near the end of an auction you could edit it to the bare minimum raise above the last valid bid. Not to mention it's kinda just common etiquette here; once you've entered into an auction and locked a bid, you shouldn't be able to remove it.

And as a smaller adjustment to the rules, we've adjusted the art rule C, I-IV. Nothing major, we just reworded them and loosened up on the previous owner policy.

These changes are effective immediately; have a good one dudes!

Last edited by Creati0n; 2 Weeks Ago at 06:29 PM.. Reason: note: added portion about art rule C) sub-points I-IV
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