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Old Oct 13, 2016   #1
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invite invite Invite Mode ?!
Ello !
I Nob !

I whould like to share an idea here !

My idea is : Invite Mode !

Everybody know !
Make a new room is so...idk ! soo...i guess...soo...boring...or...hmmmm...long ?!

Its took a long time to wait people join room !
If invite mode was added...make a room and then invite people with message or anything !

Example :

Dumbn00b : aww man ! this room is full ! i like this mod but im tired to wait !
Dumbn00b : "Hmmmm ! i wonder if i can make another room using this mod !"
Dumbn00b : aaaaaaahhhhh ! its been 1 hour im sitting on this poor chair !

That if invite mode if not added !
If invite mode added :

Dumbn00b : OMG ive heard that invite mode has been added ! :O
Dumbn00b : ahahaha ! i wanna try yesterday fun mod !
Dumbn00b : i wanna play with player ! another player !
Dumbn00b : (Inviting)
Invited player : What ? invite ?! this said "Fun n00b mod !"
Invited player : hmmmm looks like im gonna have some fun time here !
Invited player : Lets join this !

Invited dueler : WTF is this ?! D:<
Invited dueler : hmmmm...its say "Join ! Duel boxshu 5K !"
Invited dueler : Oh well !
Invited dueler : i wanna have TC than playing this full dull silly room !

Tadaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Player's Join Your room !
i guess this idea is good ?
make a room and we can invite people to join is good than waiting people join room for hours time !
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That's what we call a global, but for free, so I don't think it'd be really useful because this can improve spamming messages to everyone.
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Old May 17, 2017   #3
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maybe add /ignore (username) which i believe already exists
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If anyone would like to actually revamp this suggestion to where it's actually coherent and readable, feel free to PM me. Otherwise I'll just be closing this; this is an eye-sore.
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