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Favorite Ukebasher.
Tell me your favorite replaymaker and one of your favorit replaymaker's replay aswell with the reason he,she or it is your favorit replaymaker.
Let me start off.
Dezrai :
This man literally cannot be denied for being an OG at replaymaking. I don't know how he does it but. Almost every replay he makes, its SO clean. I mean REAL clean imo.

Dez's Replay : rogot.rpl, handlebars.rpl (I can't use the URL or show the replay because of my shitty phone. Its a BlackBerry Curve 9320 to be correct)

Internet :
This guy know how to speed up or slow down.
I watched only one of his replay and one of his collab with another favorite ukebasher of mine, Larfen. My only replay I know from this guy is fastforward. I may watched only one of his replay but from that one replay I know this guy can do replays right.

Int's Replays : fastforward.rpl, Ciel Errant.rpl

Larfen :
Larfen is his name, Manipulation is his game. This guy knows everything about Manipulation more than you do. This guy influenced me to do Manipulation. But I just can't replicate how he does manipulation. That's why he is on my list.

Lar's Replays : Ciel Errant.rpl, Don stepped outside.rpl

BquadZ7750 :
He is. Bquad.. This guy is just as old as me but way more experienced. I mean way far more experienced. Even Pusga is impressed by this fellow 13 year old. Youngest in ORMO. Yet the best.

BQ's Replays : Because We Are Motherfucking Ninjas.rpl, M - The Void Stared Back.rpl

Pusga :
The Boom God himself. This guy says he makes replay for fucking 'fun'. But the finished products he makes is so godlike. (BQuad is still a bit better than you though, but I still love you) My playstyle in replaymaking is mimic'd from this guy. He is just bae in my heart.

Pus's Replays : Frenchcore Killa.rpl, Into The Future.rpl (if I'm not mistaken, you can see both of his replays in your Toribash Stock Folder.)
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Join Date: Dec 2016
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Clan: I am

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3rd Dan Black Belt
Join Date: Dec 2016
Posts: 344
Clan: I am

I wanna know your favorite ukebasher please.
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I don't get easily impressed by ukebashing replays unless it's by Swexx or largekilla, they don't just rip uke to bits but add style into it as well.

Yes there are players who may have made better replays than them but they are my personal favourites.
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Old May 21, 2017   #5
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demon is a good replay maker idk whare he went but i know hes good but the thing is he is not nice to friends so i think he quitted toribash and nobody talks to him on it so since he is mean to frends

here is a replays

i am demon by the way i like my replays the most
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Most of his records are unbreakable and he seems like a god to me.. I like some of his realistic tricking as he pays attention to every joint and is pretty good at keeping the body's momentum and flow.
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Isolations and NutHug are pretty awesome. I always thought that NutHug was one of the best replay makers around when it comes to variety, but I never really respected Isolations until the Single Player Cup of 2013 (yeah, ik that's years ago). But seriously, those are some sick replays.
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