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I'm not entirely sure I understand the example you're giving with csgo items/paypal but to answer the questions still - yea.

Just because we won't support you in getting your cash back doesn't mean we are going to turn a blind eye to people who choose to scam others. They will still be punished. So yea, just because we have this system set up doesn't mean we are giving a users a free pass to scam in these situations.
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Added a new scenario explaining a possible edge cases that came up recently that kind of ties into this sort of stuff.
Under the heading 'Support for other payment methods where you are a third party to a scam'.
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I have a question. You mentioned in your Cases where we consider generating all or portions of your lost assets back "Despite all of the above, there are times when we will support - in full or in part - a scam incident where other payments have been used. This occurs only in situations where you have done a deal with a longstanding and trusted member of the community who has no or very little history of scams and market breaches and where this sort of incident was not expected at all. This is judged by the marketsquad and if you wish to get our opinion on a user's trustworthiness in relation to other payment methods". I was recently involved in a scam where I had made previous dealings with a member of the community that went down without any issues. Then I had made another deal with him and he more or less took my money and ran. If you want to see my case in detail it is still up on the scam forums. However since I had made previous successful deals with this user can I qualify for one of these special cases and get some support for what happened?
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Seems you paid with paypal as a normal payment. I'd recommend you file a chargeback. Also in the future it's best to pm a msquad guy or post in your scam thread if you want to make a claim under this. This thread isn't monitored for cases and claims.
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If toribash sell cheaper toricredits, I think that would be a better opportunity with so people have a better chance of not get stolen
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