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[MS] The Flameocalypse

The Flameocalypse
Get some cool flames from our secret stock!

Over the years, Market Squad has accumulated a decent number of flames. Currently, most of them just sit around in inventories of our dump accounts, doing nothing. The time has come to release them into the market again!

How will that happen?
It is quite simple, really. In the next couple of days, possibly weeks, we'll be making special auction threads in Particle Flames subforum. Each thread will consist of 5 auctions for 5 different flames from our collection. Starting bids for all of them will be 1 tc, with minimum raises of 100tc (500tc for the thread no.2) and autobuys set to 100k(unless it's a pair, then the autobuy will be 200k) , with auctions ending 24 hours after last vaid bid.
Creation of every new thread will be announced here, so feel free to subscribe to this thread.

Auction threads
Thread no.1
Thread no.2
Thread no.3
Thread no.4

If you've got any questions, don't hesitate to ask!
Happy bidding!

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Old Aug 29, 2016   #21
Angry Pole
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IIt means that, after this batch, the event stops till we decide to run it again (I wouldn't expect it sooner than in a few months). Releasing too many flames at once would bring their value down and frankly, flames are already pretty cheap and affordable. The only batch with a theme to it was the second one (pairs), different ones might happen in the future.
As for the requests, as I've once said, it's possible but it'll be implemented when and if we decide to implement it (and when/if itemdump builds up its stock of flames to the point that would give some room to choose different flames), so I can't give you any specific information, it might not happen at all.
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is this dead ? '-'
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For now yes, we haven't had any discussion of this. We might do one later but I wouldn't count on it.
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Gonna close this for right now.
Whabb owo
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