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Toribash Community Discord Server.
Toribash Discord Server, powered by The Discord Staff!

Brief introduction:

This is a Discord Server, specifically made for the Toribash Community. The main goal is to make a friendly spot for the whole community, where they can share in-game content(videos, replays, etc.) or some totally not connected to the game stuff(music, other games, etc.).

The server has essential add-ons(bots) for it to work properly and the members of the server to enjoy it even on their phone. All the bots will be covered in depth later on.

Currently on "The Discord Staff":


For the "Official Toribash Staff":

When you join the Discord Server, you wont be automatically added to the "Toribash Staff" rank. In order for you to get it, you will have to PM Trestet. This is simply made so that no one can pretend to be someone who he isn't. So for the greater good, all we ask you to do is PM one of the two people said above, so that you can be assigned to your desired rank in the Discord Server.

Disclaimer: If you claim on the Discord Server that you are part of the "Toribash Staff", but not sending a PM, we have no way of knowing if it is really you, therefore you won't get your "Toribash Staff" Rank.

Discord Server's Channels:

#News - If there is some big change on the Discord Server, regarding important stuff(Changes/Additions/Removal of Rules, etc.), then it will be posted there.

#Welcome - The default channel in which you will be put after accepting the invite for the server.

#Rules - All the essential rules for the server are there. Make sure you read them, before you start posting.

#Hangout - The main channel for chatting with other members on the server.

#Music - A channel specifically made to share music. We also have a DJ Bot(More info lower), which can put your songs on the voice channel, so that others can listen to them too.

#Art - The channel where you share all of your new renders, wallpapers, artwork, etc.

#Torimarket - We have a Trading Bot, which can be helpful if you search for a specific item.

#AdventureTime - There are 3 channels specifically made for this RPG Bot(More info below), with which you can play even on your phone!

#Feedback - The place where you share your experience with the server and CnC the server itself(What you like/dislike, etc), so "The Discord Staff" can improve based on the points you made.

#Headquaters - Hidden for everyone except: "The Discord Staff", "Toribash Developers", "Toribash Staff". This is the place where we can chat about important changes, additions, etc.

Discord Server's Voice Channels:

Hangout - The channel where you can join whenever you feel like it and talk with other members of the server.

ToriRadio - A channel where you can join and listen to the music posted in #Music with the help of the "DJ Bot".

InGame - There are 3 channels specifically made for the people playing in-game and for example the people in a server wanna have a conversation, but not with all the people from the "Hangout" voice channel.

Clan War - There are 2 channels made for when a clan is having a war with another clan and want to discuss stuff before they start figting.

Toribash Staff - A voice channel only for the "Toribash Staff", where they can talk alone.

AFK - Channel for all the people that are currently away. Tip: Your microphone is automatically turned off, once you join this voice channel.

Bot information:

Adventure Bot - This is a RPG Bot, which you can use to play a "chat-based" game even on your phone. It has a leveling system, inventory, shop, market, guilds and many other cool stuff you can do with it.

=> How to start playing:

First of all you will have to get your stats by typing in the chat "=stats". Once you have gathered your stats, make sure to assign your first 5 Attribute points, before you start adventuring by writting "=assign (attribute) (points)". After you have succesfully assigned all 5 of your attribute points, you can type "=adv" which will begin your adventure and fight mobs.

=> Essential Commands:
*Heal - Make sure to heal your self using the "=heal" command so that you don't die.

*Inventory - You can type "=inv" to check your current inventory and know what you can sell for more gold.

*Sell - If you type "=sell (item from the inventory)", then you earn gold with which you can buy more powerful stuff from the shop.

*Buy - When you wanna buy something new for you, you can do "=buy (item from the shop)"

*View Items on the Shop - With "=items" you can access the global shop of the bot and check what you can buy, depending on what level you are and how much gold you have. Tip: To see the next page of the shop do "=items 2" after that "=items 3", and so on.

*View all the commands - In order to see all the available commands that you can use, type "=help"

Mod Bot - This is the bot that makes sure everything is running smoothly. In case of spam, the bot will mute/kick a specific member if needed. It also has its own integrated leveling system. In order to level up, you need to chat with the other members on the server(Disclaimer: Spamming letters, won't make you level up faster). It also has a ranking sytem which you can use to see the current top chatters on the server, etc. The bot also announces when someone on the channel starts a stream, if his Discord Profile is connected to his Twitch Account.

=> Essential Commands:

*View your profile - In order to see your profile level and additional info, you need to type "t!profile".

*View your rank - To check your current rank on the server, type "t!rank".

*Give reputaion point to another member - You can award other members a "Reputation Point", to indicate that he is Friendly/Helpful/etc. Type "t!rep @(user's name)" to give someone a "Rep Point".

*View the Top 10 chatters - To see the most active people chatting on the server do "t!top10".

*Change your Profile Background and Information about yourself - To do that all you need to type is "t!backgrounds" and then just simply click on the link that the bot posts.

DJ Bot - This is a bot which can be used to play songs on the "ToriRadio" Voice Channel for the listeners there.

Tori Bot - This is a bot can be used to check a player's stats, like TC, Last Match, Last Activity, Belt, QI, Win %, etc.

=> Essential Commands:

*Show Player's Stats - To do that simply type in the chat @Toribot (player's name) and it will show you everything you need to know about him.

Additional Information:

There is a special "Legend" rank for all the "Toribash Legends" and in order for them to get that rank, they have to again PM Trestet, just so that no ones tries to get this rank without actually being a "Toribash Legend".

Before everyone starts posting stuff like (Why another Discord Server?, OMG You know there is already a Toribash Discord Server, etc), all the posts will be ignored and possibly reported. Yes we do know there are other Toribash Discord Servers, but we wanted to try making one by ourself and this is the result. You are free to CnC the server of course, but dont spam saying there are other servers like that.

Current Members on the Server: 338

Join the Toribash Discord Server:

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Very nice tb discord, lot of passion put into it 10/10
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10/10, I think this will really help people bond more in the toribash community.
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I'm really enjoying this Discord. Really unique bots and fun people to talk to. There's places for everything, whether you just want to talk to people, or if you want cnc on your art or replay, etc. There's a lot of variety. 10/10 Keep it up
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This Discord is a great way to connect everyone in the community. It's very clear a lot of work was put in to make it run smoothly. 10/10

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this one is much better than that bullshit server bigdog made. that one has absolutely nothing to offer.
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Main reason i join these kind of things is so i can pickup games with other enthusiastic players.
Makes my life easy.

People are friendly and games are easy to come by. Thumbs up from me.

If you want a game you will find me in here ;]
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sounds amazing it will make me know some of the player in the community this shit will help me a lot
thanks for all who did this thread so yeah 10/10
and am in the discord group if you reading this and you didnt join damn man go and download this program its awesome

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Updated the Current Discord Staff list and The Current Members.
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Updated Count to 218!
Good job people, can we reach 300?
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