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Well it may not be signature move, but I often use mushu-like openers in my replays but if I had to point one move, it's my spar opener. I do it in almost every spar. It's shown on replay below.
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suplex-city in joustingfixed.tbm
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JJust counter, counter, everything. That's my life in Toribash. :3

Also suplex everyone.
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Old Apr 20, 2017   #15
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i open my spars/tricking replays with a double kneespin ending in a hooked sweep
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Well Mushu.... Basic leg spread arm lower, to a spinning axe/hammer/straight kick that is really difficult to avoid with no damage. I adapt the second frame to my opponents position.
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In aikido I just relax all at a random frame in the game : ^) And I have a really cool ninjutsu opener thats kind of a fast kick going in to a big sweep kick that I really like
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Only "signature" move I would have I guess would be my helicopter in lenshu. No one ever uses it because competitively it's a terrible opener, but I love helicopters and I have fun using it.
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The ungrab.
Literally just ungrab when their move depends on our grab.
When my opponent relies too much on my grab on him, I ungrab. Ungrabbing is so unexpected, they just usually fly away or just get further from me.
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