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Player: ROCK09
Reason: Orko

Last edited by Snook; Apr 19, 2017 at 03:40 PM.. Reason: I edited my post to adhere to the rules.
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snook is my daddy
i keep myself company when no one else does
koz is cool
Hate crime.
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I am disappointed no one has mentioned the almighty son of gaben sunther yet
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Originally Posted by dick View Post
Cooler than all you losers

this guy get it,Aj is class

besides Aj,i would have to say Brucia and Missuse,
quality dudes and good friends since before jolly.
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So to avoid infracting like 90% of these posts:

Any post beyond this point that doesn't actually follow the guide-lines of Off Topic will be infracted. Not sure if some people thought this was wibbles, but all answers deserve even a small amount of explanation.

Thank you thanks.
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Thanks Bod and also, go to sleep and find 20 posts in the Morning, nice, and at least most if them have explanations. Also Sunther, I like you because you're just that guy. :$
Psychology, the way to win Toribash games.
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thiggist is my favorite player because he's never lost a match before
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shoddy's replays are sick and inspire me, plus celn memes.

Also all the friends I've made in older times. Jasprem, Nulu, the (Thief) and old (Y) guys, etc
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my favorite player is every smod except for ed
because ed is the only one that isn't fucking stupid and i like stupid people

especially u hax u are pretty stupid
poop farted
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SpaceLlama because Team Ponies suck.
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