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Sales should be active!
Waddup peeps,

So here's whats up.

There is this guy who sells a set on the market. So I placed a bid, he responded 5 days later or so. He accepted my bid, we made a deal, I sent him the TC's. Make a guess
Im waiting more then a week already for him to sit behind his deck, open his webbrowers to see whatsup with his sale on, checking his messages and seeing Atlas sent *Amount* TC's to you. And finally send my set!

Reason of this post: I think some rules need to be made on activity of salesman

Tell me what u guys think.
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There is nothing wrong with that, someone can actually stay afk before making the deal or having his personal reasons to be inactive.

Adding a rule for that would only make the things complicated. And someone can actually post in Scam Reports if the deal is taking too long, it will be analysed if it can be considered a scam or simply inactivity of the seller, and you can have the deal reverted later, therefore receiving back your items/toricredits.
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Yeah, market has far too few rules. I mean, they only have like 150 or so. We definitely need more regulation so every single micro part of any transaction has its exact minor paragraph and nothing can go wrong ever.

Dude, this is a game. Don't turn this into a bureaucracy. If he does not show up, contact some marketsquad guy and he will figure it out for you.
Adding another rule for something that is already covered by common sense is not necessary, particularly because A) nobody cares about the rules in the first place and B) even if it was introduced, nothing much would change. Nobody would read it. Staff would handle things the same way as they are doing it now.
The only difference this would make is that common sense got replaced by yet another paragraph to make things even less interesting.
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adding rules so someone has to trade within a given time might not work too well, but there's other things that can be done

if people mind having slow deals, make an upgrade to safetrading so that you can attach files as well as items rather than relying on the other person to send. You might still have to wait, but you have time to do other things with your tc/cancel the trade if you want. It'd be a lot nicer. It would also slightly protect against (dumber) art scams, as you'd have to send image files to get the tc. You would still be able to scam by sending fake/the wrong files, but that's already a danger anyway.
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Yeah, the popular opinion of this is mine as well.

This is a video game, there's no reason to take this too seriously. People are inactive for reasons they can't control. Give that person time.

Having a rule like the one you mentioned will only cause confrontation.
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