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learning music production
so yeah.
i decided to start music producing which i dont have never tried.
after watching a tutorial (which was really helpful) i got this thing:

program used:fl studio 12
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it sounds like you c/p'd the first 15 seconds and just played it again. dont want to say for certain

it sounds ok for a first attempt. you'll want to work on learning your chords to back up any melodies you make in the future. also work on having more diversity regarding drums, (or i guess beats).

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Well it is certainly just cp'd over, I mean if not then it's the same thing with minor changes.

But you should look up some FL Tutorials, there's a guy named Busy Works Beats who used to produce good content but now is just shit. His old vids are pretty good though, teaches you styles and techniques and also teaches you about FL Studio. There's a lot of channels out there that help with production too. Just gotta find the channels that teach about the genre you want mostly.

But as for your track it seemed very minimal, a lot more stuff can be added to make it sound better. This was literally the same as my first track when I started in november. But mine was 4 minutes of the same thing xD. But yeah, if you keep it up you'll get to the point where you're producing the type of tracks you listened too before you made music.
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There's nothing really wrong with this, you have a solid chord progression (I - IV - V - IV?) with a decent melodic-motif on top of it. However, it already starts to sound dull before the first 15 seconds end, and you'll need to work on introducing new ideas as well as spicing up existing ideas in your music. Keep working at it and keep posting more stuff.

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No problem with minimalism and repetition, the challenge is making it interesting enough to endure it. The kick sounds like it's really loud or it clicks too much, the effect bass has is easy to underestimate when you're putting it on top of the rest of the song. Mute the kick track and listen without it, then unmute it and lower the volume as you do it, notice how even at low volume the bass makes a huge difference compared to when it's not there. Lowering the volume on your computer and listening is also a good idea if you want to check if some instruments are too loud, if you make a song with the volume jacked up everything kinda sounds at the same level, atleast for me. I imagine the ears have some sort of natural mechanism to protect themselves from noise like a built in limiter.
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well that was a test thing.
already looked some tutorials and i think i started to get it now.
going to work on smthing now...

ty for helpo
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also do you have a reference track?

a reference track would be a track of the music you want to make,
you use the reference track for comparison with your track,does it sound
like the music you want to make?
perhaps the bass or the percussion is louder than it should be etc etc
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