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@ES, do shit
This is the events board.

There are no active events. Anyone else remember the days when there were at least 3 current ES events running at once? The suggestion is simple, "start doing shit".

ES, pull your socks up. Events inspire activity (=more active playerbase), so start producing more events..

Staff response:
Originally Posted by Icky
Hi guys.

Point 1: It's the holidays for us too. We have lives.

Point 2: we've lost a few ES due to point one and real life factors outside of thiose.

Point 3: We have lives. (A repeat, but one that should never be forgotten)

Point 4: Users are free to do their own too.

Point 5: We have Christmas ones for Christmas. Pushing out events that will take up time and resources is a silly thing to do.

Point 6: We have bigger, non-Christmas events on the list that also take our time.

We felt that it was better to do higher quality events more often than recycled garbage. If the community prefers we perfect a good solid amount( i.e. not garbage) and recycled them, then let us know by discussing it like the suggestion board requires in an actual thread that's geared toward that from the start. This reads like a complaint shoved in the S&I board for the sake of stirring the pot.

Point 7: You wanna try sending out 120+ items in a MEGA CLUNKY sending system ONE AT A TIME while juggling uni+social life+holidays+family? (Plus other stuff)
Let one of us know lol, so we can forward your application to admin to those above us.

Tldr November is always quieter than the rest of the year, and for good reason. If you want quantity over quality, say so. Easy fix.

Respond to staff points.

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